8/1/2018 Ringke Mobile News: Huawei Honor Note 10 Release / Galaxy Note 9 Official Accessory, etc

1. Galaxy Note 9 Information  image source: allaboutsamsung.de   Galaxy Note 9 official case / accessories and S-Pen design images leaked via German website AllAboutSamsung.de.  The leaked cases are: Clear View Cover / LED View Cover / MIL-STD-810G Protective Standing Cover / Leder Cover / Silicone Cover. According to SamsungMobile.News Twitter, Gray (or Silver) colors will be... Continue Reading →

Want to Show your Beautiful Twilight Color with Protection for Huawei P20 Pro?

Ringke Fusion X perfectly contours to encompass in clear protection to reveal the natural shape and form. Each corner features added defense structures that offers extra layer of security, and the smooth TPU and hard PC ensures it's easy to pull out of the pocket without catching lint!    

Ringke Floating Strap is Here!!

    Eliminate the risk of losing your device when you are out at a beach or a lake and enjoy hot summer leisure activities outside! You can connect with any device with a wrist strap access point, compatible with GoPro, Digital Camera, Mobile Phones, and all other waterproof accessories! Take pictures and record videos... Continue Reading →

7/24/18 Ringke Short Mobile News: Galaxy Note 9 Promotion Includes Earbuds, Wireless Charger, and etc.

1. Galaxy Note 9 Additional Image Leaks image source: androidheadlines.com   Galaxy Note 9 has been officially leaked. The leaked colors are Brown, Black and Blue. Samsung is most likely to run promotion as the launch date is coming, and promotions will include earbuds, wireless charger and smartwatch along with the device.     2. OnePlus... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Key2 Design Review

Blackberry KEY2   Blackberry Key2 is actively marketing compared to previous works for Blackberry Keyone, and is also expected to show strong sales with its luxurious design and unique QWERTY keyboard.   Clean, Luxurious Front Design   Since the key features of the BlackBerry Key2 are the unique QWERTY keyboard with the elegant and clean... Continue Reading →

7/18/18 Ringke Short Mobile News: Galaxy Note 9 Device Image Leakage and etc

1. Galaxy Note 9 Actual Device Image Leaks   image source: Evan Blass / gsmarena   Evan Blass has released an official Galaxy Note 9 image via Twitter. You can see the gold color of S Pen on the image, but it has not yet been confirmed whether color of S Pen differs by device.  ... Continue Reading →

Ringke Magic Cable Tie – Tips & Tricks!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTwhPCa6hUs 5.3 inch is too short? Connect several ties for extra length. You may connect the strips as many as you want. Simply attach the ends of each strip to lengthen the organizer. You can easily sort complex cables into various colors with Ringke Velcro Cable Ties to organize messy computer lines, headsets, hair dryers,... Continue Reading →

Ringke Air Prism for Galaxy S9 Plus

Super skinny and stylish, the naturally slim design utilizes tough flexible polyurethane construction to keep your device safe from minimal daily bumps and scratches. Ringke Air Prism makes installation a breeze! Simple and easy to put on and best of all, STAYS on! Simply slip on the case in one smooth motion and enjoy the... Continue Reading →

Meet the Ringke [2 in 1] Power Clip Air Vent Car Mount!

Ringke Gear Dashboard Stand (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)   Ringke Magnet Air Vent (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)   Are you looking for a car cradle that is perfect for your car? Ringke power clip air vent comes in 2 in 1 package. You'll get 1 Air Vent style and 1 Dashboard type stand... Continue Reading →

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