Introducing Ringke 8 Pin Lightning Braided Nylon Cable [4 ft] / 0.6 feet [20 cm]   Ringke 8 Pin Lightning Braided Nylon Cable is a well-built accessory for your devices provides high speed charging and data syncing for your convenient use with a stylish braided design that’s appealing to the eye as well as easy to locate your own distinct well-made charging cable. Innovative design with superior stylish cord... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Protective Film on Your Case   Ringke Fusion comes with protective film (both inside and outside) to preserve the ultra clear clarity and ensure brand new quality of the genuine Ringke product. If you are struggling with removing protective film, you can easily remove the film with a small amount of tape. Please remove both films before use which... Continue Reading →

Ringke iPhone X Screen Protector ID Glass Full Coverage Recommendation

  Ringke Invisible Defender Glass Full Coverage The unique strength of Ringke's Invisible Defender Glass Full Coverage is a perfect unity. A 3D surface molding technology and customized design by professional technicians boasts outstanding detail. Ringke screen protector is made with real tempered glass and perfectly designed for Apple iPhone X.    Glue-Tempered Glass with Adhesive... Continue Reading →

Ringke BOGO IS HERE! – iPhone 7 Slim Case 1+1 (2 for 1 Pack)

  Minimalist and versatile protection looks good anywhere with the Ringke Slim case and now it comes bundled in an unbelievable BOGO deal with 2 cases for the price of 1. The popular and well known Ringke Slim cases available for this bundle are compatible with the Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. This phone... Continue Reading →

Ringke Monster Car Mount / Smartphone Holder Recommendation

If you are looking for a car mount holder for your precious smartphone,  an easy angle adjustment and strong absorption power are essential check points. The Ringke Monster Car Holder is a powerful smartphone holder that stands out with its double-stick adhesion surface where it can be easily used anywhere on a flat, coated surface.... Continue Reading →

Ringke Laptop Stand / Notebook Holder / Tablet Holder

Ringke Laptop Stand The heavy and bulky laptops are small and lightweight in nowadays, making it easy to work from anywhere. However, it is not easy to type because of low laptop angle, and there are many users who feel inconvenience. If you are looking for a convenient way to find the right angle and use... Continue Reading →

ShockProof Case, Ringke ‘Wave’ / iPhone X Case Recommendation

  Premium Design Case Ringke Wave   Looking for a sturdy case to protect your precious iPhone X? The premium Ringke Wave shock resistant case features an inspired and durable two-layer TPU and PC shield construction with 2x combined strength against drop, scratches and bumps. Easy Press Design More Convenient to Use   The Wave... Continue Reading →

Review of the Best Cases for iPhone X!

source:   The best cases for iPhone X – Review and comparison of 7 cases Last updated on Nov 27, 2017 Here is a review of the best cases for iPhone X from Burkley, Ringke, Tozo and Twelve South. To accommodate for as many different tastes and preferences as possible, I tested a variety of case types and materials.... Continue Reading →

Introducing Ringke Laptop Stand   Adjustable height helps to cool your laptops while in use and increase airflow to draw away heat from your devices. Anti slipping material with interior Velcro lined bottom ledge allows comfortable viewing, typing, and other device use at your own customizable or preferred pre-set angle while firmly staying in place... Continue Reading →

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