Smartphone Ring Recommendation / Ringke Prism Ring / Finger Ring Holder

Innovative Smart Grip Ringke Spinner Ring Clear   An auxiliary accessory such as a smartphone ring is essential for 'securely catch' smartphones in nowadays. However, smartphone ring is heavy and it gets loose as you use it, and it is rather inconvenient to use for secure. If you are tired of the repeated loosening of existing... Continue Reading →

What’s in the Galaxy Note 9? Specs, Details and More!

Officially announced a few days ago on August 9, the big release date for Samsung’s newest flagship device is scheduled for August 24, 2018. There have been a few updates from the Note 8, which was released on August 2017. Today, we will discuss the upgrades Samsung has made since then, and other features the... Continue Reading →

Galaxy Note 9 Unpack Event Review

  This year, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 unpack event was expected to be unpleasant due to massive leaks and pre-exposures. However Samsung blew off that unpleasant expectation by showing off a brilliant presentation and Galaxy Watch [Galaxy Home]. The main event, Galaxy Note 9 did not have any remarkable advantages, but it seemed enough to attract... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Key2 Design Review

Blackberry KEY2   Blackberry Key2 is actively marketing compared to previous works for Blackberry Keyone, and is also expected to show strong sales with its luxurious design and unique QWERTY keyboard.   Clean, Luxurious Front Design   Since the key features of the BlackBerry Key2 are the unique QWERTY keyboard with the elegant and clean... Continue Reading →

Meet the Ringke [2 in 1] Power Clip Air Vent Car Mount!

Ringke Gear Dashboard Stand (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)   Ringke Magnet Air Vent (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)   Are you looking for a car cradle that is perfect for your car? Ringke power clip air vent comes in 2 in 1 package. You'll get 1 Air Vent style and 1 Dashboard type stand... Continue Reading →

No More Germs! Manage your Dirty Smartphone with Ringke Cleaner

Did you know that there are 25,000 germs on your smartphone? Ringke Cleaner is here to keep your personal smartphone hygiene with low price and high safety! Manage your smartphone that contains twenty-five thousand bacteria with Ringke Cleaner!   Keep your health at 60 cents per day   Ringke's mild antibacterial cleaning solution kills 99.9%... Continue Reading →

Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review – Galaxy S9 Plus VS Huawei P20 Pro Camera Comparison

Left: Huawei P20 Pro / Right: Huawei P20   Three Cameras with Leica Recently, interest in Huawei's flagship smartphone [P20 Pro] has been growing. The P20 Pro with three cameras has received the highest score in the [DXO MARK Score], and our Ringke team tested out the performance of both P20 Pro and Galaxy S9 Plus... Continue Reading →

Sony Xperia XZ2 First Look / Xperia XZ2 Design Review

Sony introduced the new Xperia XZ2 in February, and a lot of people are talking about how Xperia XZ2 has its superb curved design on the back, but at least Xperia XZ2 seems to have succeeded attracting customers' attention with a new curvy design.  New Grip, New Curved Glass The biggest feature of the Xperia... Continue Reading →

Watch the Ringke Galaxy Note 8 Cases Through Youtube!

Still can't decide what kind of phone case you want for Galaxy Note 8? Well, there are many Youtubers who already reviewed Ringke cases, and hope this videos help you with choosing cases by showing a real live cases instead of images. The first video shows Galaxy Note 8 cases preview (without the phone) with... Continue Reading →

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