Ringke ‘SLIM’ for Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL

Ringke Slim hard case is perfectly compatible and secures your device in a comfortable fit for vital Protection against scratches or scrapes. Slim case is made from highly durable PC material and specialized dual coating technology durability lasts 2X longer for more protection.  

Ringke ‘FUSION’ Clear for OnePlus 5T

Military Grade protection Ringke FUSION offers MIL-STD 810G - 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop protection* in a slim and sleek profile. (*Phones survived professional drop test from a height of 4 feet (48-inches) drops 26 times on an impact surface.) Drop test certified and specialized clear back PC panel combines with premium shock absorbing TPU... Continue Reading →

Ringke Flip Card Holder with Elastic Hand Strap

Flip Card Holder with elastic soft universal grip handle can generously store up to 6 - 8 cards and cash (including driver’s license, credit cards, cash bills, receipts, metro or train pass, ticket stubs, ID, business or gym cards) in a secure comfortable hold Soft elastic band carrying handle allows a firm and natural grip... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8 Plus – Coming Soon

Ringke Onyx Black  New specially designed sleek look featuring curved and alternating impact absorbing geometric pattern for added drop dispersing protection   Ringke Fusion Clear Crystal clear protection with advanced 2X clearness coating enhances the Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8 Plus 2018 original look with minimal bulk.   Both products offer MIL-STD 810G - 516.6... Continue Reading →

Ringke ‘FLEX S’ for iPhone 10

  Ringke Flex S stylish appearance complements your professional iPhone 10 with great balance between PU leather and durable TPU. Exceptional slim design pairs classy look with tough protective layer for versatile look and functionality. Add beauty and protection without compromising natural shape of your phone to have the perfect platform of improved texture and... Continue Reading →

Ringke ‘FLOW’ Case

  The Ringke Flow is specially designed with a minimalist soft TPU offering a comfortable and slim grip to complement the device's natural shape with protection against drops, surface scratches and bumps. Modern wavy and strategically curved abstract design features a slimming texture to enhance and showcase the natural form of the device in a... Continue Reading →

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