1/23/19 Ringke Short Mobile News: Galaxy S10 Leaks! and more

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Related News:
image source: @universeice
  • Galaxy S10 Plus Test Phone Image Leak

Images of the Galaxy S10 Plus has been leaked by Twitter user UniverseIce.
They bring special attention to the “two eyes”, indicating the dual cameras on the front screen.

Unfortunately, we still do not have an image of the back of the device.

  • Galaxy S10 Visual Merchandising Display Leak
image source:

With the reveal of the Galaxy S10 VMD, a few key features have been identified for the upcoming device:

-Cinematic Display (A different display name from the Infinity O)
-Front screen fingerprint recognition
-Triple camera
-Wireless battery sharing (which might only be possible among other Galaxy S10 phones)

  • Colors and Pricing Information
image source: ben geskin

Italian Tech media outlet Tutto Android released the colors and prices for the Galaxy S10 series:

-Galaxy S10 Lite:
Black / White / Yellow / Green
6/128 GB at 779 euros (~$908)

-Galaxy S10:
Black / White / Green
6/128 GB at 929 euros (~$1,056)
8/512 GB at 1179 euros (~$1,340)

-Galaxy S10 Plus: Black / White / Green + 2 Special Edition colors
6/128 GB at 1049 euros (~$1,193)
8/512 GB at 1299 euros (~$1,477)
12/1 TB at 1599 euros (~$1,818)

2. LG Electronics releases Invitation to MWC 2019

LG Electronics has uploaded a video on YouTube, inviting global media to the Mobile World Congress 2019.

The “Goodbye Touch” that is displayed in their video is a nod towards their new technology of touchless input interfact.

LG plans to reveal a dual display phone prototype alongside the LG G8 in MWC 2019.

The LG G8 model number is LM-G820UM, and the expected release date is February 24th.

3. Moto G7 scheduled for release on February 7th

image source: androidauthority

The Moto G7 series (Moto G7 / Plus / Play / Power) has been revealed to hit stores in Brazil on February 7th.

As previously mentioned in past Ringke Short Mobile News, Brazil is one of Motorola’s biggest market.

4. Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL Price Drop

Google has lowered the selling price of the Google Pixel 3 series by $150 for each device.

-Google Pixel 3 $799 → $649
-Google Pixel 3 XL $899 → $749

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