1/16/19 Ringke Short Mobile News: 11 million iPhone batteries replaced and more

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Announcement Date Confirmed

The official announcement for the Galaxy S10 has been released to be on February 20, 2019 at San Francisco.

Invitations to the press event have already been sent out, and a total of four Galaxy S10 series are planned to be unveiled including the Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, S10 Plus, and S10 X.

The official launch date for the Galaxy S10 / Lite / Plus is set for March 8th, while the Galaxy S10 X is expected on March 29th.

2. Galaxy A9 Pro Domestic Release

image source: samsung

The Galaxy A8s, which had been sold primarily in China, will now be available on the domestic market in Korea under the name Galaxy A9 Pro.

Samsung estimates to sell around 500,000 units.

3. Galaxy M20 User Manual Leaked

The user manual for the Samsung Galaxy M20 has been revealed, leaking critical information of its external and internal information.

According to the user manual, the display has a v-shaped notch which leads it to its official name: the Infinity-V. There will also be a rear fingerprint sensor, 3.5mm earphone jack, and a USB-C port.

The Galaxy M20 will be configured with a 6.3-inch FHD+ Infinity-V Display / Exynos 7885 / 3GB RAM / 32 or 64GB ROM

The device size will be 156.4 x 74.5 x 8.8mm

The official launch date for the Galaxy M 10 / 20 / 30 is January 28, 2019, The first country of release is in India, and it will be sold exclusively on Amazon.

4. Apple AirPower finally beginning production?

image source: twitter

According to Twitter user ChargerLAB, the manufacturer of Apple AirPods Luxshare Precision has begun production of the AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging pad.

The rumored production date is January 21st and may be available in the first quarter of 2019.

5. Apple release smart battery case for iPhone XS / Max / XR

image source: apple

Apple has been announced a smart battery case for the iPhone XS / Max / XR following the iPhone 6 / 7 battery replacement promotion that has been ongoing since 2018 and has recently ended.

The battery and case are designed into a single piece with an expected price of $129.

6. iPhone XR users exceed iPhone X users

image source: mixpanel

According to a survey made by Mixpanel of iPhone usage by type, iPhone XR users accounted for 3.02% of all iPhone users as of January 8, 2019.
iPhone XS users made up 2.88%, and for the first time, there was a recorded graph for there being more iPhone XR users compared to iPhone XS users.

7. Apple: 11 million iPhone batteries replaced in 2018

image source: 9to5mac

As mentioned above, iPhone had offered a discounted battery replacement price.

11 million iPhones were listed to have had their batteries replaced in 2018.

Typically, Apple estimates to have around 1 ~ 2 million batteries replaced–meaning the one-year battery replacement program had shot up that expected amount by near 11 times the average rate.

This program affected devices from the iPhone SE to the iPhone X, which is rather a vast number. It can be speculated that this program had an effect on the lacking overall sales of the iPhone XS / Max / XR/

8. OnePlus, iPhone’s biggest market obstacle in India

image source: huawei

As reported by Counterpoint Research, Apple sold about 1.7 million smartphones in India during 2018. This is nearly half the figure of 3.2 million units sold in 2017.

Counterpoint Research hypothesizes the reason for this cut number to be due to the OnePlus.

OnePlus had the highest shipment volume from June to August with their $400 devices, dominating 37% of the overall premium smartphone segment.
India’s total smartphone sale resulted in 149.9 million units, accounting for roughly 10% of the worldwide smartphone market.

9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Sold Out in 8 minutes and 36 seconds

image source: Xiaomi

After separating its Redmi brand, Xiaomi sold out of its Redmi Note 7 in 8 minutes and 36 seconds.
The exact number of devices sold has not been disclosed, but it is said it’s definitely not a number to scoff at.

The second sales will commence this Friday.

Redmi Note 7 is available in FHD+ / Snapdragon 660 / 3,4,6GB RAM / 32,64GB ROM and ranges in price from CNY 999 (~$148) and CNY 1,399 (~$207).

10. Huawei plans to enter Smartwatch Market in Korea

The first Huawei smartwatch has been confirmed as the Watch GT. Currently, there are discussions on which of 3 major mobile communication company it will be released by.

The product had already completed the radio certification in Korea, and the release date will depend mostly on the ongoing discussion of the mobile carrier. It is expected to be ready for the open market within the first quarter of 2019 with an expected price of 200,000 WON.

11. Sony Xperia XZ4 to be announced at MWC 2019

image source: @OnLeaks

Rumors are Sony plans to release their next Xperia XZ4 at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

The release is expected to only cover the Xperia XZ4 and not the Xperia XZ4 Compact.

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