New Release! Ringke Slim Adhesive Laptop Stand!

When you work with a laptop or tablet, your work efficiency drops because your face and body naturally headed back to see the screen. If you are looking for a smart item that will boost your work efficiency, I encourage you to try Ringke’s new laptop stand.

Ringke Slim Laptop Stand Installation

Ringke Adhesive Laptop Stand support to prop up your tablet, iPad and other devices at a comfortable viewing angle for improved work and leisure use.

The Ringke ‘Slim Laptop Stand’, which extends up to 3.5cm, makes a minimum angle of 10 ° ~ 15 ° depending on where you attach it. The optimal angle for typing and viewing screen reduces the burden on the body and creates a convenient working environment.

With only 0.3mm, the Ringke slim laptop stand has the convenience of being both slim and portable. Ultra slim design allows easy portability with sleek functionality that stays practically invisible when laid flat to blend in with your device for lightweight travel.

The package also includes two anti slip protector adhesive to prevent possible shaking and movements during the use!

Ringke slim laptop stand has 22.8cm length, and it can be used on notebooks of at least 11 inches. You can easily attach it to anywhere on the bottom of the laptop as long as there is no vent at the bottom to discharge heat. 

The elevated height helps cool your laptop while in use and increases airflow to draw away heat from your device!

The Ringke slim laptop stand is sturdy enough to withstand a weight of 9.2kg.

Ringke Laptop Stand is available in two colors, including Black and Gray with the price of 11.99!

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