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11/28/2018 Ringke Mobile News: iPhone XR Promotion in Japan and Etc

1. Apple, iPhone XR Discount Promotion and iPhone X Resume Production in Japan

Apple will begin promoting discounts on the iPhone XR next week by offering subsidies to Japanese carriers.

The discount rate is not yet confirmed, but is expected to affect the iPhone 8 / Plus since it has a lot of sales.

In fact, the iPhone 8 / Plus is still selling well, along with the sluggish sales of the iPhone series, and the price burden will make the customer hesitant to purchase new products.

Moreover, it seems that iPhone X, which had finished production, has begun to produce again for sale through telecommunication companies and re-sellers.

2. Galaxy A, M Series – New Model Information

image source:

The model number of the forthcoming Galaxy A / M series has been leaked below.

Galaxy A (2019)

A.SM-A305F (32 / 64GB)
Variation : Blue / Black / Red / White
Sub-Model: SM-A305FN / SM-A305G / SM-A305GN / SM-A305GT

B.SM-A505F (64 / 128GB)
Variation : Blue / Pink / Black / Silver / White
Sub-Model : SM-A505FN / SM-A505G / SM-A505GN / SM-A505GT

Galaxy M (2019)

A. SM-M105F (16 / 32GB)
Variation: Blue / Dark Grey

B. SM-M205F (32 / 64GB)
Variation: Blue / Dark Grey
Sub-Model: SM-M205FN / SM-M205G

C. SM-M305F (64 / 128GB)
Variation: Blue / Dark Grey

The Galaxy A / M series is expected to launch in 2019 and is expected to be released in two-digit numbers, such as the Galaxy A30 or A50.

3. Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus, “Polaris Blue” Coming to Germany

polaris blue galaxy s9 3

The new color, Polaris Blue for Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus will be available in Germany in early December.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Polaris Blue for Galaxy Note 9 will be available, but Note 9 is expected to release a new color, “Snow White” in December as well.

4. Q3 2018 World Smartphone Shipments Comparison

image source:

Recently, Counterpoint Research released a comparison of global smartphone shipments for 2018 Q3.

First place: Samsung (72.3 million units, 19% / 83.3 million units, 21%
for the same period last year)

Second place: Huawei (14% for 520 thousand units / 39.1% for the same period last year)

Third place: Apple (46.9 million units 12% / 46.7 million units 12% in the previous year)

4th place: Xiaomi (333,000 units, 9% / 285,000 units, 7%
in the previous year)

5th place: Oppo (339,000 units 9% / 325,000 units 8%
in the previous year)

6th place: Vivo (300,000 units 8% / 286,000 units 7% in the previous year)

7th place: Motorola (3% of 106K units, 3% of 125K units of the previous year)

It seems like smartphone shipments decreased to 230 million units and the top 10 smartphone shipments are 79% of the total volume.

Despite the year-on-year decline of 11% due to lack of sales of the Galaxy S9 series, Samsung took first place, but its market share in China fell to 0.7%, down to 1%.

On the other hand, Huawei is still growing rapidly. 

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