Gallery Ringke Case Review

Looking for Transparent Case for iPhone XR? Check Out the Ringke Fusion!

1iPhone XR Yellow + Ringke Fusion Clear

2iPhone XR Yellow + Ringke Fusion Smoke Black



Fusion Clear with Unique Transparency

Meet the Ringke Fusion case that will make your iPhone XR stand out for its unique clarity!


The Fusion case for iPhone XR boasts a premium quality finished with a 1: 1 custom design.

Ringke’s slim transparent TPU bumper with active touch technology allows easy and natural access to all vital ports and buttons!



Ringke Fusion not only certified with a drop test, but also specialized clear back PC panel combines with premium shock absorbing TPU border to provide long lasting and improved protection for your iPhone XR!


No More Oil Film!



The Fusion case has the advantage of protecting the oil film through ultra precision laser processing. The ultra-precise dot pattern with a height of 0.01mm shows the beautiful color of the iPhone XR, while preventing dust inflow and film.

Fusion case is also made of the optimum thickness to prevent the impact and does not slide well in the hand with moderate friction.



Ringke Fusion case is available in three colors, including Clear, Smoke Black and Aqua Blue, and will boasts your ceramic candy color device with it’s own shiny transparency!





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