Ringke Case Review

Ringke iPhone XS Max Covers / Secure your iPhone XS Max with Ringke Cases!

Introducing Ringke iPhone XS Max Cases


1. Ringke Fusion X

1Fusion X Black


Ringke Fusion X is redesigned from zero base for shock dissipation with greatly enhanced stability and minimizes damage from dropping at any angle.

The dual-layer design on the sides of the case is certified MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 for falls and drops.

2Fusion X Ruby Red

3Fusion X Side Part

4Fusion X Camera Part

The bezel protection layer can also prevent the phone’s cameras from being damaged.


2. Ringke Fusion

5Fusion Transparent


The Ringke Fusion case is the most popular one and loved by its unique transparency and excellent protection.

Fusion is not only characterized by enhanced impact absorption function of the corner portion, but also new technology which prevents the oil film phenomenon through the precision processing of laser has been applied to deliver higher satisfaction.


6Fusion Smoke Black Color

7Fusion Aqua Blue Color

8Fusion Front Part



3. Ringke Air

9Air Clear


Rinke Air is a slim case that can gently wraps the device.

1: 1 custom design not only boasts an excellent feeling of adhesion, but also offers lightweight feeling. The classic Ringke Air helps you prevents your device from unsightly surface scratches while laying flat and keeps the precise design.

With Air cover, you can enjoy long lasting protection with durable crystal clear TPU layer that cushions daily use nicks or scratches!

10Air Smoke Black – Camera Part

11Ringke Air – Side Buttons

12Ringke Air Front Part



4. Ringke Dual X

13Dual X Metallic Purple Color


The Ringke Dual X is a special case to be the best partner for outdoor professionals.

Dual X is designed based on the Fusion X and incorporates an X-shape scheme along with the dazzling dual color arrangement to be both protective and attractive. 

Since PC+TPU combination provides double protection against drop damage and minor impact along with the shock absorbent technology, it protects the device even in a harsh environment.

The iPhone XS Max Case with a heavy grip gives a high level of satisfaction to the [architecture], [art], and [extreme sports] professionals.


14Dual X SF Black Color

15Dual X Side Part (Iron Red)

16Dual X Camera Part (Iron Red)



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