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Make your Glasses Shine and Clean with Premium Lupin Microfiber Cloth!

Essential Item for Precious Eye wear

Lupine Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



Looking for a premium wipe to securely clean your expensive glasses?

Lupin Microfiber Cloth 100% expertly manufactured in Korea with the highest quality material designed for safely cleaning a variety of delicate surfaces.

It eliminates streaks, smudges, fingerprints, smears, and dirt fast with increased cleaning capacity for all types of delicate surfaces including expensive eye wear, camera lenses, tablets, and etc.




Lupin Microfiber Cloth has extremely thin fabric and it is characterized by soft and excellent absorption.

Lupin’s ultra soft premium microfiber cloth provides lint free and gentle non-abrasive fiber that effectively removes dust and safe for pristine, scratch free surface cleaning.

It’s great for all purpose cleaning and long lasting use with safe and spotless finish that include polishing delicate surfaces to even heavy duty surface ranges!





You can use it safely without worrying about scratches from requiring careful management expensive instruments to tablets and smartphones that require liquid crystal protection.

Lupine microfiber cloths are available in two sizes, including (S) and (L) and each microfiber cloth is perfectly sized for multi-use and arrives individually wrapped for neat storing in your desk, pocket, bag, or car.




Meet in 2 Sizes & 2 Colors

Lupine microfiber cloths are available in two sizes (Large: 40cm X 50cm / Small: 15cm X 18cm) in two colors (Black & Gray).


8Lupin Microfiber Cloth Gray Color / Left: (Large) Right: (Small)


9Lupin Microfiber Cloth Black Color / Left: (Large) Right: (Small)


Lupin proudly delivers the best all-around microfiber cleaning cloths! Watch dust and debris disappear in a flash from a variety of surfaces with ease.

Enjoy each individual packaging designed for convenient carrying, gifting, and storing the microfiber cloths in two long lasting colors, Black and Gray!





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