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10/10/18 Ringke Short Mobile News: Google Pixel 3 / XL Release and Etc

1. Google Launches New Products in October

1.1 Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL

pixel 3image source: YouTube capture

The basic specification for both Pixel 3 / XL are pretty much similar except the display area.

Pixel 3 has 5.5″ FHD + OLED whereas Pixel 3 XL features 6.3″ WQHD + OLED Notch.

The release colors are Clearly White / Just Black / Not Pink, and pre-order started right after the product announcement.

The primary release countries are USA / Canada / UK / France / Germany / Italy / Japan / India / Australia / Taiwan / Ireland / Singapore.

The sales price is 

Pixel 3 64GB : $799

Pixel 3 128GB : $899

Pixel 3 XL 64GB : $899

Pixel 3 XL 128GB : $999


1.2 Google Pixel Slate

pixel 3 slateimage source: google pixel slate YouTube capture


Google Pixel Slate is a 12.3″ tablet and features Intel Celeron / Core m3 / Core i5 / Core i7 processors.

The device color will be sold in single color, Midnight Blue.

Starting price is

Celeron: $599

Core m3: $799

Core i5: $999

Core i7: $1,599

Moreover, there will be an additional accessories, including Google Pixel Slate Keyboard ($199), Google Pixelbook Pen ($99), and Google Pixelbook Sleeve ($100).


1.3 Google Pixel Stand

standimage source:


Pixel Stand is a stand-type wireless charger that includes a wireless output of 10W and a USB adapter of 18W.

Pixel stand not only charges your Pixel 3 / XL in portrait and landscape, but also charges Qi compatible devices.

Google is selling price at $79.


2. LG Registers LG G7 One on its Website

lg.jpgLMQ910UM2 8

image source:


The G7 One is registered on the LG website in Canada.

Canada is going to sell the G7 One instead of the V40. You can see that the camera on the rear is definitely different from the existing G7.

It is also hard to confirm that G7 One has the same size as the existing G7 since Tech Specs does not have the size information, but the thickness may vary.


3. Sharp Releases AQUOS Zero

sharpimage source:


Sharp has released the 6.2 “flagship AQUOS zero.

The main specs are: 6.2″ WQHD+ AMOLED Dolby Vision HDR Notch Display / Snapdragon 845 / 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM / Waterproof Life Support / Dolby Atmos Speaker.

The back panel of aramid fiber and magnesium alloy frame are applied and the weight is 146g, which is the lightest in its class. 

The sales schedule and release country have not yet been confirmed, but it seems to be dedicated to domestic consumption in Japan.


4. BlackBerry KEY2 LE Now Available in U.S

Image result for BlackBerry KEY2 LEimage source:


The LE stands for light edition, and it is built in the poloycarbonate (hard plastic) and features less RAM with smaller battery.

The pre-order for Blackberry KEY2 LE is not available via Amazon and BestBuy.

The price is $449.99 and available order date is set to October 12th.

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