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Smartphone Ring Recommendation / Ringke Prism Ring / Finger Ring Holder

Innovative Smart Grip

1Ringke Spinner Ring Clear


An auxiliary accessory such as a smartphone ring is essential for ‘securely catch’ smartphones in nowadays. However, smartphone ring is heavy and it gets loose as you use it, and it is rather inconvenient to use for secure.

If you are tired of the repeated loosening of existing smart rings, why don’t you come across a light and try Ringke Spinner Ring?


Unobtrusive Angle Adjustment

2Ringke spinner ring that can rotate at 45 degrees


The rugged handles that move angles by 45 degrees boast exceptional durability without being loose even when used for a long time. 

4The built-in ratcheting lever keeps the connected hoop from shifting on its own.



Unlike conventional smart rings, Ringke spinner ring moves only at a certain angle and is more convenient to use when mounting a smartphone.

Experience the smart structure that improves the utilization of smartphone by 200%!



Spinner Ring has an elegant prism design, and this lightweight plastic body will prove to be a vital accessory for any smartphones as well. 

7Semi-automatic structure makes it easy to adjust the angle.


When it comes to structure, Ringke Spinner Ring is made of semiautomatic structure has the advantage of greatly enhancing convenience. It is specially designed with a flat edge around its circumference to be able to hold up your device no matter the position you had it on last.

You don’t have to use your pinky to balance your phone and widen up the range of your reach. The Spinner Ring can let your thumb stretch up to distances that couldn’t have been attained with a single-handed grip!


8You can easily adjust the angle with only one hand.



Spinner Ring not only helps you keep your smartphone more stable, but it also makes it easy to grab your smartphone even when you’re holding both hands.

Spinner Ring is designed to be used with care and ease in small parts, and you can easily peel off the adhesive gel pad and can be recycled 2-3 times.






Ringke Spinner Ring is perfect for multitaskers who need unoccupied hands at a moment’s notice. It is also suitable and compatible with most smartphones and cases with falt back panels.

The attached semi-transparent ring matches the color of the central hull and provides a spacious and comfortable fit for most finger sizes.

Experience the superior gel grip for long-lasting strength!





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