10.3.2018 Ringke Short Mobile News: OnePlus 6T Official Image Outflow and etc

1. OnePlus 6T Official Image Outflow

OnePlus 6T - Erstes Bildimage source: winfuture.de


The official image of OnePlus 6T leaked through German sources.

The lower part of the image looks a bit blurry, but it is confirmed that there is no 3.5 pie earphone jack, and looks slightly different from the OnePlus 6 due to different rendering angles.

In addition to the image of the device, the outflow information for the accessory price of OnePlus 6T, which is going to be sold in Europe, is summarized as well.

Nylon Bumper Case : €26.95

Bumper Case (Enbony Wood / Karbon):  €31.95

Protective Case Sandstone: €21.95

Protective Case Karbon: €26.95

USB C Bullets Earphones: €19.95

USB C to 3.5mm Jack Adapter Cable: €8.95

Moreover, OnePlus 6 has been discontinued in Europe and some regions ahead of product launch.


2. Samsung, Galaxy A6 / A9s in Preparation

a6image source: samsungmobile.news.twitter


Samsung is preparing to release Galaxy A6s and A9s.

Products previously known as P30 appear to be A6s and P30 Plus to A9s.

The model number is SM-G6200 (A6s) / SM-A9200 (A9s).

Galaxy A6s might be outsource produced by Xiaomi ODM.


3. Xiaomi, Mi Mix 3 will be released on October 15

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 could arrive on October 15th, leaked teaser suggestsimage source: weibo


Xiaomi’s bezel-less front display Mi Mix 3 will be released on October 15th.

Short specs are Snapdragoon 845 / 6GB or 8GB RAM / 128GB or 256GB (Max 512GB?) ROM, and the top pop-up camera is expected by manual operation.

Mi Max 3 will be released in China first, and other countries are expected to receive the device starting on mid-November.


4. Xiaomi Blocks ROM Replacement for Chinese Products and Global Products

Image result for smartphone ROM


Xiaomi has blocked the replacement of ROM files for Chinese domestic and global sales.

In other words, it is no longer possible to purchase Chinese domestic products from Korea and replace them with global ROMs.

Some products, such as Google Play Store, cannot be installed for Chinese domestic products.


5. Google Unveils Pixel 3XL with Hands-On Imagery


Google Pixel 3XL has already been released as a hands-on video with multiple device spills and official images leaked.


6. LG, V40 ThinQ Design Pre-Exhibition

 27일 전략 프리미엄 스마트폰 LG V40 ThinQ의디자인 소개 영상을 유튜브, 페이스북 등 SNS에 게재했다. 약 30초 분량의 영상에서는 촉감, 색감, 조형 등 스마트폰 디자인의 3요소를 중심으로 정갈함과 깔끔함이 돋보이는 아름다움을 강조하면서 기술을 부각하는 화려함 대신 편의성과의 조화에 집중해 고객이 오래 써도 질리지 않는 편안한 매력을 강조했다.

LG V40 ThinQ 는 제품 후면 강화유리의 표면을 나노미터 단위로 미세하게 깎는 샌드 블라스트(Sand Blast) 공법을 적용해 실크처럼 부드러운 느낌을 구현했다. 강화유리의 특성인 강도와 경도는 그대로 유지할 뿐아니라 은은한 무광으로 오래봐도 질리지 않는 매력을 갖췄고 지문이나 얼룩이 묻지 않아 실용적이다.

 LG V40 ThinQ 는 제품 후면 강화유리의 표면을 나노미터 단위로 미세하게 깎는 샌드 블라스트(Sand Blast) 공법을 적용해 실크처럼 부드러운 느낌을 구현했다. 강화유리의 특성인 강도와 경도는 그대로 유지할 뿐아니라 은은한 무광으로 오래봐도 질리지 않는 매력을 갖췄고 지문이나 얼룩이 묻지 않아 실용적이다.

source: social.lge.co.kr


LG has unveiled the V40 ThinQ design.

LG has taken into consideration the feel of touching the fingers. The sandblast method, which finely cuts the surface of the tempered glass on the back of the product in nanometers has bee applied to create a soft silky feel.

V40 has the same width as the V30, but has reduced bezel and screen size up to 6.4 inches. Moreover, LG V40 ThinQ maximizes clean, simple beauty by minimizing the elements other than the essence. Beside the camera on the front of 2 ~ 3mm size illumination and laser sensors and rear side of the product have not exposed to the outside, resulting in a clean and neat design.

New V40 ThinQ will be available in three colors, including Platine Gray, Morokan Blue, and Carmine Red.



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