Ringke Case Review

Meet the New Design! Ringke Dual-X Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Enhanced Rugged Armor Case to Protect the Galaxy Note 9

Introducing New Design, Dual X

2Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue + Ringke Dual X White

3Galaxy Note 9 Lavender Purple + Ringke Dual X Sand


The Ringke Dual X is a strong rugged case with modern intelligent design. Ringke Dual X not only passed the Military Drop Test with its double reinforced design, it also has a special design that protects the mobile phone against strong external impact.

Ringke will deliver high satisfaction to customers with 100% domestic production and outstanding finish.


4The dual X-case with a reinforced camera part protects Note 9 from strong impact.

5The special reinforcement design that protects the corners helps prevent liquid crystal from breaking even when you drop the Note 9.

6The dual X case boasts the optimal thickness and design to protect the Galaxy Note 9.


The Ringke Dual X case was created with a careful design by professional technicians and it is an honest case that satisfies both protection and convenience at the same time.

Ringke’s new and original design incorporates an X-shape scheme along with the dazzling dual color arrangement to be both protective and attractive. The inner TPU holds a three-pronged heat dispensing pattern to keep your device from overheating while the case is in use!


7The dual X case button has an easy press function that allows you to press buttons with a cheerful feel.

8The exclusive accessory hole can be used in various ways such as binding straps.


10The back material is not slippery, making it stable to use.


The Ringke Dual X Case comes in three colors: slate metal, white, and sand.

The Dual-X will match the needs of your Note 9 no matter the time and occasion. Whether you chooseMidnight Black, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue or Metallic Copper,our stylish phone case will offer the best color combination with superior protection.

The Dual-X also has wireless charging compatibility, so you can charge your phone quick and hassle-free without having to remove your case.









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