Ringke Case Review

Galaxy Note 9 Case Ringke [Air] / Slim & Thin Flexible TPU Clear Case Cover

1Galaxy Note 9 Lavender Purple + Ringke Air Clear Case

2Galaxy Note 9 Metallic Copper + Ringke Air Clear Case


Rinke Air Case is a lightweight slim case that perfectly captures Galaxy Note 9.

Air is not just a thin case, it’s precisely gripping Galaxy Note 9 with the best transparency and optimal thickness. Unlike low-cost skinny cases, the Rinke Air case boasts exceptional durability and a tight grip.


4Galaxy Note 9 Air Case Side

5The Ringke Air Case has a special strap hole that can be attached to various accessories.


Ringke AIR is designed by a professional design team, and it can be used with a 1: 1 custom design without worrying about oil film.

Ringke’s advanced Dot Matrix Technology maintains a pristine look while avoiding water marks sneaking up between the case and device. You can experience the ultra-precision dot pattern technology of 0.01mm!



7Ringke Air Case is precisely matched to various terminal parts with precise design.

8Ringke Air case protects LCD with optimal thickness and relieves impact.


Moreover, Ringke’s Air finger grip design makes fingerprint recognition easier. With a sliding design that naturally captures your fingers, you can enjoy a magical experience that makes fingerprint recognition fun.


10The sliding fingerprint recognition section allows you to use more convenient fingerprint sensors.




Flexible yet strong TPU not only offers durability and defense for minimal daily bumps and scratches, but also dual active coverage includes inner corner cushions to protect the phone from drops while offering utmost slimness.

Protect your heavy Galaxy Note 9 device with Ringke’s lightweight AIR case!

Sturdy yet pliant material allows a comfortable grip on your device without compromising any of the device’s slim profile!





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