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Galaxy Note 9 Unpack Event Review



This year, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 unpack event was expected to be unpleasant due to massive leaks and pre-exposures. However Samsung blew off that unpleasant expectation by showing off a brilliant presentation and Galaxy Watch [Galaxy Home].

The main event, Galaxy Note 9 did not have any remarkable advantages, but it seemed enough to attract consumers’ attention.


A New Era of Experience 



As the first presenter, Goh Dong-jin emphasized [experience of a new age] that all household appliances are connected to Galaxy Note 9.

It was time to unveil aspirations to connect new and innovative experiences to [Samsung’s devices] based on connected life.

In this unpacking event, a lot of new products emphasizing the hardware connection appeared.


Galaxy Note 9 with a Harder Base




Galaxy Note 9 has been introduced as a basic smartphone that inherits all the advantages of the existing Galaxy series, and it is expected to deliver an excellent user experience by applying various functions that were well received in Galaxy S9.




The 512GB mass storage and enhanced battery performance were introduced as a feature of the Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Note 9 are expected to be great benefit to customers who do not trust cloud services while meeting the needs of many customers.





And of course, S-pen was introduced as well. The S-pen features Bluetooth function, such as [photo shoot],

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and it looks like a commodity that helps a variety of mobile activities.

Moreover, it seems to be an advantage to maximize the utilization of S-pen for general customers who have not used S-pen.


The gender-type Dex cable that was released together seems to maximize the use value of Galaxy Note 9 more. Multitasking functions will be provided to move the smartphone and TV beyond the simple notebook-based interface.


The Galaxy Watch


The following item, Galaxy Watch is a smart watch that features various additional functions for [Fit Mode] and [Bio-Metrics Record].

Samsung’s new smart watch brand is out of the existing [gear series] lineup.


[Galaxy Watch] has become a major task of reversing [Samsung’s smart watch business] which was pushed to Apple as well as Pitbit.

The Galaxy Watch, which emphasizes the original circular design of the watch, is equipped with 5ATM waterproof, user-friendly functions such as calendar interlocking and Bixby non-interlocking.




Smart Speaker, [Galaxy Home]


This Galaxy Note 9 is loaded with the more human Bixby function, and the smarter Bixby, who understands the context of the conversation, will be able to significantly change the lives of Galaxy users.

[Galaxy Home] was another smart device that was unveiled during this unpacking event. Evolved microphones are capable of speech recognition even at remote locations, and AKG tuners can reproduce high-definition music in 360-degree directions.

The [Galaxy Home] is attracting attention because it is expected to play a central role in the future Samsung Ecosystem.


In the future, it is expected that Samsung Electronics will play a role of bundling Samsung’s household appliances such as [TV], [Refrigerator], and [Washing machine] together with smartphones.


Samsung’s Ecosystem 


When it comes to Samsung and Apple, Apple not only has achieved the highest performance ever in the [service business] that is linked to smartphones, but also achieved best performance ever through its music service.

But unlike Apple, Samsung emphasize the [hardware connection of home appliances] while concentrating on the competitiveness of smartphones through this unpack event.

Samsung’s strategy has become even more dramatic when it announced its business model in collaboration with Sporty. Samsung has demonstrated its commitment to give up music service by collaborating with [North America’s leading music service provider Sporty].

It is noteworthy that rivals of the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple will have different future visions for consumers.





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