Ringke Case Review

Galaxy Note 9 Case Recommendation / Ringke Cases

Reliable Brand Ringke

Planning to order Galaxy Note 9?

The case to protect the precious smartphone is essential in nowadays.

Meet 6 Ringke Galaxy Note 9 cases that deliver premium value!


Ringke Air

1Galaxy Note 9 Ocean Blue + Ringke Air Case (Clear)

Rinke Air is a jelly case that slimly covers the Galaxy Note 9. 

Unlike low-priced Chinese case, Ringke Air is not only 100% domestic production and boasts perfect close feeling and durability, but also holds the note 9 at a thickness of 1.3mm that gives you a different feeling of stability and comfortable touch.

Meet Air’s sensibility without worrying about slipping device!

3Ringke Air Case Rear Camera Parts 

4Air Case Button Parts

5Case designed to perfectly match various terminals

6Finger grip design makes fingerprint recognition more convenient

7Galaxy Note 9 Lavender Purple + Ringke Air Case (Clear)


Ringke Fusion

8Galaxy Note 9 Metallic Copper + Ringke Fusion (Smoke Black)


The Fusion case, which is exported all over the world, is the most transparent case out of all.

In addition to keeping the design of Galaxy Note 9 unmatched by its unique transparency, it is also a powerful premium case with a shock of MIL-STD 810G certification.

9Fusion case bottom parts


10Galaxy Note 9 Lavender Purple + Fusion Clear


Ringke Wave

11Galaxy Note 9 Purple + Wave Metallic Purple


Ringke Wave is newly released and features the perfectly fitting and precisely contouring dual layer protection case with enhanced performance as the best sleek shield for the Galaxy Note 9.

Special shock absorbent and cushioned TPU layer grips the device sides for exact edge to edge coverage!


Ringke Fusion-X

12Galaxy Note 9 Metallic Copper + Ringke Fusion X Black


Ringke Fusion-X is upgraded version of ‘Fusion’. It has transparent PC on the back but the upgraded bumper technology amplifies impact resistance through meticulously designed corner supports. 

Each corner features added defense structures that offers extra layer of security and it goes the extra mile to secure the device to the maximum level without hindering the utilization of the phone.

If you are a buyer of Galaxy Note 9, why not try the case with a reliable brand?

Protector your premium smartphone with premium cases!



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