Ringke Case Review

Blackberry KEY2 Case Recommendation

1 Blackberry KEY2 Ringke Fusion Case, Smoke Black


Are you looking for a smartphone case that will keep your BlackBerry Key2 safe?

Ringke case is  here to protect your phone!

With 100% domestic production, Ringke Fusion is finished with excellent quality and military grade certification


Unique Transparency

2Ringke Fusion Clear

3Ringke Fusion Smoke Black


The Ringke Fusion is a premium case that preserves KEY2’s  beautiful design.

Not only does it show you the Blackberry logo you want to boast, but it also gives you the impression of using your phone with its unique transparency.  You can use it as a premium case to further enhance the value of the KEY2.

Moreover, transparent clear plastic back also allows you to decorate your device to fit your mood and style. You can insert pictures and images to create your unique one and only case, or maintain the clear appearance to show-off the natural look of the device.


From Various Buttons to Camera Protection

mm Class Design



Fusion case is custom designed to fit the various buttons.


Fusion case provides perfect protection for the protruding camera of the BlackBerry Key2.


The reinforced corner design protects the BlackBerry Key2 from various shocks.

The Ringke Fusion case, which was created with the mm design of the professional design team, has a meticulous design that keeps the KEY2 safe and secure.

The double pressed PC provides maximum protection while not bulking up and preserving the natural look and the beauty. The upgraded Fusion (1.5) accommodates extended corner supports that offers an extra layer of security.


7Rear Design of Fusion

8Front Design of Fusion

9 Ringke Fusion case has the optimal thickness and protects the physical key part of the KEY2.


The Ringke Fusion case has a steady quality and high reliability with dozens of thread fitting tests. Phone survived a professional drop test from a height of 4 feet being dropped 26 times on an impact surface.

In addition, Ringke’s upgraded Fusion case is specialized built in Quikcatch lanyard hole that allows attaching accessories, and Ringke Fusion comes with one complimentary wrist strap. So take this advantage of our wrist strap hole and carry your device easily and conveniently!






  1. Hello,

    I am interested in buying the Ringke clear shell for my Blackberry Key2, the new Fusion 1.5 case.
    I am from South Africa. How do I go about ordering (I prefer door-to-door courier as our local postal services are very unreliable ) from you this CLEAR case for my phone?
    C Theron
    30A High Acres smallholding
    Sir Lowry’s Pass Road (M9)
    Somerset West, 7130
    Mobile (+27) 82 4158822


  2. Hello, thank you for your message.

    Unfortunately, none of our marketplaces including Amazon and ebay do not ship to South Africa.

    We do apologize for this inconvenience.


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