Blackberry Key2 Design Review

1Blackberry KEY2


Blackberry Key2 is actively marketing compared to previous works for Blackberry Keyone, and is also expected to show strong sales with its luxurious design and unique QWERTY keyboard.


Clean, Luxurious Front Design



Since the key features of the BlackBerry Key2 are the unique QWERTY keyboard with the elegant and clean design, it is expected that user’s satisfaction will be greatly improved with refined design compared to Keyone.

The four-column of keyboard has a rounded outer edge to enhance the sense of unity of the design and adds a sense of luxury with a matte finish that matches the surroundings and colors.

You can see the difference at a glance when you look at the images of Keyone and Key2 below.

3Blackberry Keyone: The keyboard layout is not well organized and polished to match the surroundings.

4Blackberry KEY2: The four-column keyboard alignment is precisely matched on both ends, and the matte surface looks more luxurious.



Sensual Rear Design Adds Sensitivity



Unlike smartphones from other companies that mainly use glass, the back of the KEY2 is made of solid rubber material.

Although there is a flaw that the foreign substance is not removed well and the use of the case seems to be necessary due to its vulnerability to pollution, it delivers improved grip and classic sensibility.


6Use of the case is essential to protect the protruding camera.




Outstanding Build and Thinner Side Design

8USB-C Terminal on the Bottom


The side of the KEY2 boasts a high build and slim design.

The thickness got indeed improved, but there is a drawback that makes your hand painful if you hold it for a long time due to sharp angle sides.

If you look at the images below, you can see there are [USB-C terminal] on the bottom, [3.5 pie earphone jack] on the top, and [Volume control], [Power], and [Special designation keys] on the right side.


93.5-pie earphone jack on the top

10volume control button, power button, special designation key button on the right side

11slim, stylish side design



Good Camera Performance


KEY2 has a good camera performance. Not GREAT, but good.

After testing, the result shows that outdoors in high-light conditions show excellent picture quality and show excellent noise suppression even under relatively light conditions. However, sometimes the HDR does not work effectively, and it seems to be out of focus.

You can check out the 3 sample images below.

13Indoor low light photography test

14Aperture: F1.8 / Shutter speed: 1/210 sec / ISO: 123

15Aperture: F1.8 / Shutter speed: 1/30 sec / ISO: 148

16Aperture: F1.8 / Shutter speed: 1/676 sec / ISO: 119


Overall, KEY2 design is indeed sexier than Keyone and the keyboard function is way better because it no longer has glossy feeling. But I feel like the phone itself needs a little protection. The back part seems hard enough to protect the device from the drop because it’s made of solid rubber TPU material, but case is needed mainly for the dirty substances.


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