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Meet the Ringke [2 in 1] Power Clip Air Vent Car Mount!

1Ringke Gear Dashboard Stand (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)


2Ringke Magnet Air Vent (Car Model: Hyundai LF Sonata)


Are you looking for a car cradle that is perfect for your car?

Ringke power clip air vent comes in 2 in 1 package. You’ll get 1 Air Vent style and 1 Dashboard type stand for complementary. So if you like to try different styles of car mount, this one is for you.

The sensory design of Ringke car mount boasts a perfect unity with your car, but also helps to drive safely with its powerful mounting performance. And of course, Ringke Car Mount can fit in any cars, including Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Acura, BMW and etc.

First, let’s start with Dashboard Gear Car Mount.


The Ringke Gear Mount is a compact magnetic mount that fits on the dashboard.

The small, minimalist attractive design suitably blends in with any car interior without obstructing any visibility and does not block the driver’s filed of vision.


Gear car mount with magnetic attachment method is a convenient cradle that can be attached in one second and you can feel the strong fixing force by attaching the metal plate to the back of the mobile phone.



Ringke Car Mount not only keeps your smartphone safe while you’re in the middle of driving, but also can be attached in metal plate with thick case on it.

Since Ringke car mount features sturdy magnet, it boasts a powerful force that can hold a wrench that is 3 times heavier than a mobile phone.



10Ringke Power Clip Air Vent (Installation Location: Driver’s Right Side)


Moving on to Power Clip Air Vent Car Mount,

The Ringke Power Clip Mount features double knob technology that safely locks both the air vent clip and the magnetic plate position to maximize stability of the device. It is also necessary to use the enclosed metal plate, just like other dashboard type car mount.

Any ordinary car interior decors and naturally melted with Power Clip make the ruggedness of the customer more satisfied.


The Air Vent Mount is composed with powerful magnetic with freely rotatable ball head, it can hold your smartphone safely under any circumstances.


The side has a carbon fiber pattern with nice black color, and the inner clip is covered in TPU, it prevents any possible scratches on the air vent from the clip.


With its powerful mounting performance, convenient screen switching between landscape and portrait is essential for safe navigation.


Keep your smartphone in the preferred position without any risk of dropping or unwanted re-adjusting of your view while driving.





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