Information Ringke Case Review

Ringke USB C to C Cable [USB-PD Cable] Tangle Free Cotton Braided Fast Charging Connector Cord



[Ringke C to C Cable] is a cable manufactured to the USB-C type standard on both sides.

It is a premium cable that not only charges your mobile phone but also supports USB-PD, the next generation charging standard.




High-speed USB Type-C Gen 1 (USB 3.1) not only supports up to 5Gbps date transferring and syncing, but also offers spped up to 10x faster than USB 2.0.

You can safely charge the device with a U56kΩ resistor with Ringke cable. Increase the lifespan of your device with faster-charging speed than standard cables!




Ringke C to C cable is made of durable copper wire covered in Aluminium case to minimize data loss and any external electromagnetic noises while maximizing signal quality and provide stronger resistance to primarily focus on syncing and charging.

Ringke provide the optimum use environment for experts with many outdoor activities.




Premium cotton braided cord with aluminum housing features long-lasting protection during everyday use. Ringke’s Innovative design with superior cord appearance complements your new tech gadgets with reliable charging.




Ringke USB Double Type C Cable can be used in any directions with no restrictions! Manage your device without any frays or loose portends with the reversible braided cable.

You can transfer and sync data between any USB Type-C devices, such as MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and tablets.




Product Name: USB Type – C to C Multi-Cable

Product Size: C to C Cable > 1.2m / Cable Tie: 13cm

Material: Aluminum + Fabric Cable

Color: Dark Gray

Compatible Model: USB – C Type Devices





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