Information Ringke Case Review

Car Mount Recommendation / Ringke Releases a New Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder



Looking for a simple car mount holder?

Meet the powerful mounting performance Ringke Clip Holder!

Ringke Power Clip Air Vent is not only a sophisticated build that further enhances customer satisfaction, but also designed to be placed at a safe distance from the air vent to avoid disturbance of ventilation of airflow or temperature change affecting the mobile phone.

Top of that, sturdy joints and powerful magnetic magnet keep your phone safe!






The headball under the magnetic plate gives 360º rotational function for unlimited viewing surfaces and double knob technology safely locks both the air vent clip and the magnetic plate position to maximize stability of the device.

You can use the tightening knob to securely fix the angle for better and safe ride on the road!


Ringke Magnetic Air Vent Mounting Test (4.5kg)


Sturdy neodymium magnet allows a firm grip on the phone throughout your trip.

Keep your smartphone or device in the preferred position without any risk of dropping or unwanted re-adjusting of your view while driving!



The neat design upgrades the charm of the Ringke Power Clip.

With its luxurious carbon pattern and heavy black color, it boasts a sensational design that fits well in any vehicle.



Ringke Air Vent Mount is a universal mount that works with all mobile and GPS devices: Samsung / Apple / LG / Google / Nexus / Huawei / etc.

With the tightening knob, it is suitable for almost any air vent with a perfect fit!




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