Information Ringke Case Review

Ringke Premium Smartphone Fish Cable (Fast Charge Cable)

Long-Term “Worry-Free” Cable

Ringke Fish Cable Black is now available for you!




Ringke Fish Cable BLACK is a premium cable with the best quality and reasonable price.

Ringke’s premium Nylon braided cord with aluminum casing not only features heat resistant and strong housing for durable tangle free usability for long lasting protection during everyday use, but also specially constructed TPU cable protectors in an aquatic inspired design safely covers and minimizes risk of cable fraying at the cord ends while making your cable stand out and easier to find!


Ringke Fish Cable Strength Test


High Resistance to Disconnection / Powerful Durability


The Ringke fish cable has a durability that is incomparable with regular cables. The high resistance insulation for durable copper wire with aluminum casing protects and maximizes signal quality.




The head part of Ringke Fish Cable features rugged nylon braiding and specially designed cord protectors shield against tangles and cord fraying.

Ringke Fish Cable Black comes in two types, including USB-C and Lightning Type, and each cable has [56KΩ resistance] and [Apple’s MFI certification].

The worry of malfunctioning of the smartphone caused by the use of wrong cable can be completely dispelled!




Increase the lifespan of your device with faster speed than standard cables with incredible durability to data sync and charge with fast convenience connecting your power banks, charging adapters, hard drives and other devices.

Innovative design with superior stylish cord appearance complements your new tech gadgets with reliable charging!



The curved line on both head parts feature easy grip





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