Ringke Case Review

LG G7 ThinQ Case Recommendation / G7 Transparent Case


It seems like LG G7 device itself is getting faded although pre-order has not even started yet.

But if you are thinking about buying G7 ThinQ, might as well get a protection for it. Besides, LG is running a big promotion in Canada and you can get a free TV when you purchase G7 ThinQ. 

Among the G7 variations, Raspberry Rose seems to be the prettiest one out of all. If you want to show your pretty color, you should definitely go with the transparent case.

Ringke Fusion is offering the best transparency out of all cases and enhances the original look with minimal bulk!



So why name Fusion?

Well, that’s because Fusion features dual layer of [PC] panel and premium [TPU] that gives crystal clear protection with advanced 2x tough coating and bumper protection on the sides.

Top of that, Fusion case is certified military grade drop protection in a slim and sleek profile. The actual phone survived professional drop test from a height of 4 feet (48-inches) drops 26 times on impact surface.

No doubt!


Fusion uses premium TPU material that not only shows strong resistance to discoloration, but also shows a strong aspect of life scratches. Active touch technology flexible TPU bumper also allows easy and natural access to all vital ports and buttons.



What about camera protection and other feature?

Of course, the rear camera bezel design of Fusion uniquely offers a smooth transition slop area for quick lock and unlock on the biometric finger scanner. Moreover, Dual active coverage edges cover all four corners with guards and tapered lipsto lift off flat surfaces for raised bezel protection against daily use scratches.


Fusion case indeed supports Qi wireless charging without the hassle of having to remove the case.  

Most importantly, Ringke offers you to eliminate unexpected drops with built-in QuikCatch lanyard hold to secure your phone to your hand!

You will get a complimentary wrist strap when you purchase Fusion case, but the color choice will be sent at random. 





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