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Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review – Galaxy S9 Plus VS Huawei P20 Pro Camera Comparison


Left: Huawei P20 Pro / Right: Huawei P20


Three Cameras with Leica

Recently, interest in Huawei’s flagship smartphone [P20 Pro] has been growing. The P20 Pro with three cameras has received the highest score in the [DXO MARK Score], and our Ringke team tested out the performance of both P20 Pro and Galaxy S9 Plus cameras.


Let’s check out [Design] and [Camera Quality] of Huawei P20 Pro first.


GOOD: Excellent Unique Color Finish

BAD: No Notch, No Earphone Jack

Huawei P20 Pro is a smartphone that stands out in its unique color. In particular, Twilight color gives you the charm that you have never seen before on your smartphone. Although [P20 Pro] has a beautiful design, eliminating 3.5-pier earphone jack and notch design made it less usable.

Apart from its excellent finish and product completeness, the rear design that comes to mind of the iPhone X seems to be a controversial subject.


Huawei P20 Pro Twilight





Huawei P20 Pro VS Galaxy S9 Plus

Camera Test


-This test compared the auto photographs under the same conditions.

-No postcards have been applied in these photos.

-We compared the images with the least fluctuation after taking 3 pictures in the same environment.


#Photo -1 Blossom Photograph


Huawei P20 Pro (F-Stop: F1.8 / 1/3289 sec / ISO 50)


Galaxy S9 Plus (F-Stop: F2.4 / 1/2198 sec / ISO 50)


Enlargement (left: P20 Pro / Right: Galaxy S9+)


#Photo -2 Detail Photograph


Huawei P20 Pro (F-Stop: F1.8 / 1/1536 sec / ISO 50)


Galaxy S9 Plus (F-Stop: F2.4 / 1/767 sec / ISO 50)


Enlargement (Left: Huawei P20 Pro / Right: Galaxy S9 Plus)


#Photo – 3 Low Light Still Life Photograph


Huawei P20 Pro Low Light Still Life Image (F-Stop: F1.8 / 1/17 sec / ISO 6400)


Galaxy S9 Plus Low Light Still Life Image (F-Stop: F1.5 / 1/5 sec / ISO 1000)


Photo Enlargement (Left: P20 Pro / Right: Galaxy S9+)


#Photo -4 Still Life Out Focusing


Huawei P20 Pro Out Focusing Test (F-Stop: F1.8 / 1/3021 sec / ISO 50)


Galaxy S9 Plus Out Focusing Test (F-Stop: F2.4 / 1/675 sec / ISO 25) *Live Focus Mode


Enlargement (Left: P20 Pro / Right: Galaxy S9+)


P20 Pro vs Galaxy S9 Plus

Camera Winner?

The cameras of both smartphones showed different features and they were very good overall. The P20 Pro camera showed impressive color and out-focusing ability whereas Galaxy S9 Plus showed powerful low light picture taking performance and fine detailing.

The problem with P20 Pro is that the camera could not focus often and it shakes in low light conditions. Even though the shutter speed and ISO were higher, shooting in low light was not as easy as in the Galaxy S9 Plus.

If you are planning to change your phone between P20 Pro and S9 Plus, it seems to be a wise choice to understand the characteristics of each camera and purchase as needed.




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