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Premium Magnetic Car Mount / Introducing Ringke Gear Mount




Ringke Gear Car Mount

Introducing the premium Ringke Gear Car Mount that holds your smartphones, iPad, as well as MacBook Air!

Ringke Gear Car Mount is a small, but has intense powerful strength and secure magnetic that stably supports universal smartphones.

Travel in comfort with the innovative swivel lock feature that allows to reposition with ease in a full range of angles to remain in your desired position at all times!




Classic Design, Magnetic Cradle

Ringke Gear Car Mount is built with classic magnetic design that fits everywhere.

In addition to the sensible design of the gears and the firmly constructed joints deliver premium quality, the head portion of the Gear Car Mount is made of soft rubber rather than low-cost plastic. Masterpiece design is applied to prevent scratches in addition to luxurious feeling.

Moreover, premium space saving and attractive design suitably blends in with any car interior without obstructing any visibility and does not block the air vents or your windshield to comfortably mount your device at the perfect placement that suits you best!

3Rear Side of the Gear Car Mount

4Side of the Gear Car Mount

5The Gear Car Mount can be disassembled in two stages by loosing the connected screw.


Sturdy neodymium magnet impressively secures with extreme strength and stability to firmly hold the screen in place at your preferred angle with its rotating swivel design.

7Gear Car Mount + Galaxy S8 Plus


9Gear Car Mount + iPad Pro

10Gear Car Mount + MacBook Air


The Ringke Gear Car Mount includes 2 mounting metal plates, and you can choose between attaching the metal plate on the inside or outside surface of your (phone or iPad) case.

In addition, complete magnetic 360º angle movement stays functional and stable with hassle-free 3M adhesive gel pad installation that firmly grips your car mount on even gently curved dashboards and flat surfaces for immediate car mount accessibility.




View turn-by-turn directions and enjoy other important navigating functions with effortless handsfree use secured in a safe and powerful magnetic grip on your dashboard!





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