Ringke Case Review

Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Cases / Ringke Case Recommendation


Introducing New Ringke Cases


Ready to protect your Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus?

Meet 6 different cases now!

2Ringke Fusion Case for Galaxy S9 Plus / Clear 


Ringke ‘Fusion’

Ringke Fusion’s biggest advantage is that crystal clear protection with advanced 2x tough coating enhances the original look with minimal bulk. The Fusion design for Galaxy S9 Plus not only show fully intact look, but also the safety of the Mil Spec is greatly enhanced.

The high quality which is proven by the professional design team and the fitting of the actual equipment gives you the best satisfaction.

3The Ringke Fusion Case delivers the ultimate in satisfaction with perfect transparency.

4The speaker, charging terminal, and earphone jack holes are elaborately made.

5Ringke delivers the best satisfaction with the push button design which is easily clicked.


7Ringke Air Prism Case for Galaxy S9 Plus – Ink Black


Ringke ‘Air Prism’ / ‘Air Prism Glitter’

Ringke Air Prism is a premium case with a sparkling triangular pattern. Air Prism delivers a high level of satisfaction with a perfect fit wrapped in a slim fit. 

Our Air Prism is sturdy yet pliant material allows a comfortable grip on your device without compromising any of the device’s slim profile. The modern rounded side bezel that allows instant launch of the edge panel and tapered lip that lifts the screen away from flat surfaces against daily use scratches.



9Ink Black

10Glitter Gray

11Rose God Crystal



Ringke ‘Onyx’


Ringke Onyx case is a premium case with a solid black color. Onyx is finished with a hairline texture that gives it a stylish and stable feel, and this case is especially suitable for midnight black color.

The most essential part is that precise bottom cutouts allow for easy access to buttons and ports with a specialized transition slope area for quick lock and unlock on the biometric finger scanner. 

Slender and durable protection adds refined style for your dynamic life!


13Ringke Onyx Case for Galaxy S9 Plus – Black



Ringke ‘Slim’


The Ringke Slim is a case with a perfect fitting that slimy envelops.

Slim is made of high-strength PC material and has excellent durability. The grip of Galaxy S9 with a sense of stability looks even better. Lightweight hard frame offers reliable protection against bumps and surface contact when laid flat down.

Slim case is available in 7 different colors, which includes Black, White, Sky blue, Peach Pink, Frost Gray, Frost White and Frost Mint. Add beauty and protection without compromising natural silhouette of your phone to have the perfect platform of improved texture and slim style!


15Ringke Slim Case for Galaxy S9 Case – White



Ringke ‘Wave’


Ringke wave is a case with soft curved design and powerful shock absorbing function.

Specifically, special shock absorbent and cushioned TPU layer grips the device sides for exact edge-to-edge coverage and better defense against accidental bumps, drops, and scratches. Instantly launch the Edge Panel in a smooth glide touch with rounded front bezels that cover all four Infinity Display screen edges.

The Ringke Wave Case is enough to be chosen as an internationally recognized brand by ANALYST’S CHOICE at ‘Global Social Mobile Electronics 2017’ fair.

Five colors that are sniffing your taste will give you the beauty that never existed before.


17Ringke Wave Case for Galaxy S9 Plus – Rose Blush



Samsung Galaxy S9 Case



Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case




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