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Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus MWC Unpack Event

1Galaxy S9 Unpack Event / Source: Samsung YouTube Capture


Samsung finally announced [Galaxy S9] and [Galaxy S9 Plus] at MWC in Spain. 

Instead of focusing on exterior design, this unpack event showed how Samsung significantly enhanced the software functionality over the design. 


Enhanced Camera

3Galaxy S9 Variable Aperture Camera / Source:  Samsung YouTube Capture


The most amazing part of this unpacking event is the enhanced camera.

The Galaxy S9 camera features

1. Variable aperture camera that shoots while adjusting F value of camera

2. Slow mode supporting 960fbs has been highlighted as a core function of Galaxy S9 series.

The above two features highlighted by the Galaxy S9 are not the first to be installed on the smartphone, so it cannot avoid the point that innovation is falling. However, apart from the lack of innovation, the high technical perfection of different dimensions and usability through software seems to be attractive enough.

The new camera on the Galaxy S9 not only features exposure price, contrast and amount of saving pictures, but also significantly reduces low-light noise.

If the plenty of [picture information] can be saved and the actual correction can be done, the smartphone can be used even in a more professional area.


4Galaxy S9 Slow Mode / Source: Samsung YouTube Capture

However the 960fbs slow motion shooting function is a little disappointing, because there was not much different from Sony’s last year’s product, Xperia XZ Premium ultra-high-speed camera. 

According to Unpacking, slow-motion video shoots seem to be limited to around 10 seconds. It will be difficult to shoot a satisfactory video if you can’t set the right timing. However, it is expected that it will be able to offset the limited hardware with various convenience software that can be easily uploaded to SNS.

5Source: Samsung YouTube Capture


Augmented Reality Emoji to Decorate My Own Way

‘AR Emoji’


The next thing that stands out after camera function is the AR emoji. 

It is noticeable that Samsung has reinterpreted the features that Apple has been talking about since it was installed on the iPhone. 

The most interesting thing is that you can create new character with your own face. Specifically, you can customize your glasses, hair, as well as the costumes and simply convert them into emoji shapes. 

The new emoji seems to be very popular among consumers who share characters through SNS, or create and use my own emoticons.


6Galaxy S9 AR Emoji / Source: Samsung YouTube Capture


Galaxy S9 Series

Other Areas to Watch Out For

The Galaxy S9 is equipped with a premium specification as a Samsung’s flagship smartphone with the highest perfection.

The Galaxy S9 Series not only feature [Waterproof and Dustproof], but also offer [Voice Secretary Bixby], [Infinity Display], [Samsung Dex] and [Faster Wireless Charging]. In addition to this, the Galaxy S9 series [Dual speaker] has been able to enjoy a more optimized multimedia environment. 

With the dual-camera of Galaxy S9 Plus models, optical camera shake correction is supported on both the far-end camera and the telephoto camera, allowing you to take less shaky pictures under any environment.


7 Source: Samsung YouTube Capture

Samsung’s presentation technology, which captures the masses during unpacking, is also remarkable. The fact that it provided a customer experience that seemed like touching a smartphone through AR technology, and the fact that 360 ° streaming enabled people to experience the VR seems to be a result of Samsung’s efforts to continuously increase consumer contact points.

8 Source: Samsung YouTube Capture


The Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus, known after the unpacking event,

has the following specifications.


– AP: 10mm 64-bit octa-core processor (Snapdragon 845)

Display: 5.8 Inch / 6.2 inch QHD Plus (2960 X 1440)

– Memory: 4GB / 6GB

Camera: 8 million pixels (front) / 12 million pixels (rear)

Battry: 3000mAh / 3500mAh

Colors: Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple

Price: $720 / $840

Release Date: March 16th

– Pre-Order Period: February 28th

Pre-Order Opening Date: March 9 ~ March 15th


You can get Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus through: AT&T / Sprint / T-Mobile / US Cellular / Verizon / Xfinity mobile / Cricket / MetroPCS / Boost Mobile / Best Buy / Amazon / Costco / Sam’s Club / Target / Walmart

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