Information Ringke Case Review

Introducing Ringke Cable Clip Holder



If you have messy cables, here is the best way to store cables with Ringke cable clip holder!

Ringke Cable Clip Holder gives a simple and convenient solution to perfect desktop cable management and serves as a multi-purpose organizer – for your lightning cable, charging cords, micro USB cables, and much more in a dual gripped cable holder.

Get the best solution to neatly hide or place your cables and cords anywhere you want and safely hold wires on a flat surface within comfortable reach without the clutter!



Easy to Install

Easy to install the cable holder on nearly any flat surface with strong adhesive back that allows to grip and store your important gadget cables or cords with universal compatibility on clean and smooth surfaces.

Easily Fit a Wide Range of Cord Sizes

Great for versatility with durable adhesive layer to safely keep cords organized and accessible in the car, on the desk, work, home, office, bedside stand, garage, kitchen counter, and other surfaces.

Compact and Portable Design

Compact and portable design with self-adhesive back stays small and tidy to keep on your desk or be used on almost any surface to stay out of sight or neatly blend into your environment to keep cords comfortably within range.





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