Ringke Mobile News 2.9.2018 – Galaxy S9 Color Variation, etc

1. Galaxy S9 Series Color Information Leak



2Source: Evan Blass Twitter


Evan Blass, who is famous for various spills mentioned Galaxy S9 colors on his Twitter, saying that the Galaxy S9 series will be available in four colors, including Midnight Black, Lilac Purple Titanium Gray and Coral Blue. It is still rumored, but the exact color of the Galaxy S9 can be seen through the unpacking event, which is scheduled for February 25th.


Galaxy S9 Expected Specification

  • AP: Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810
  • Display: 6.2 inch QHD AMOLED (Plus Standard)
  • Camera: 12MP x 12MP (Rear Dual Camera), 8MP (Front Camera)
  • Battery: 3500mAh
  • Other Features: Rear f / 1.5 ~ f / 2.4 Variable aperture camera / Super slow motion



2. Xiaomi, [Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Plus] Expected Launch Date in India


4Distributed Invitation by Xiaomi


Xiaomi is expected to unveil the [Redmi Note 5 series] on February 14th in India. The exact details are unknown, but the industry predicts that Xiaomi’s new [Redmi Note 5 series] will be released.

This could be a good start for Xiaomi since they are on top of the market share in India and first event in 2018. Depending on the price and type of products being released, it is likely that industry will see Xiaomi’s smartphone sales strategy for 2018.



3. LG will be launching [Lens Installed – V30s] in Early March

7V30 Raspberry Rose Color


LG Electronics presented ‘V30s’, which greatly enhanced AI function, at MWC.

‘V30s’ has the same design as ‘V30’, and it will be featuring ‘LG lens’ with artificial intelligence added object analysis ability, which is similar to Bixby Vision. LG is late to the game for sure when it comes to AI performance, but LG might increase more sales volume with V30 Raspberry Rose Color, as well as with the LG lens.

The V30s, which has a huge storage capacity of 256GB, is expected to be released in early March.



4. Qualcomm Demonstrates 5G Modem ‘Snapdragon X50’ at MWC



Qualcomm made announcement at MWC that it will demonstrate the 5G modem ‘Snapdragon X50’ for mobile devices. Qualcomm, the overwhelming #1 in the mobile modem chip market, is investing heavily to enable its 5G modem chips to be applied to smartphones.

It has been reported that Qualcomm has already been working with 18 smartphone makers for the commercialization of 5G modem chip excluding Samsung Electronics and Apple.

Since Qualcomm dominant modem chip in the ‘3G’ and ‘4G LTE’ telecom environments, the industry predicts that the 5G market will face intense competition. It was also confirmed that strong competitors such as ‘Intel’, ‘Samsung Electronics’ and ‘Huawei’ were actively involved in the development of 5G modem chips.




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