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Ringke Mobile News 2.2.2018 – MWC 2018 Smart Phones

1. Apple, AI Home Speakers [HomePod] Announcement

HomePod–Beat–Apple / Apple YouTube

Apple has released four homepod ads that are available for pre-sale. Homepods are AI advanced wireless speakers that is loaded with [Siri] of the highly utilized. Apple’s Homepod can be ordered in the US, UK, Australia and etc.

The industry is predicting that Homepod will be able to dominate and make meaningful sales in the exclusive AI speaker market by preempting and strengthening [music playback] and [microphone performance].

HomePod is priced at $ 349 and delivery will start on February 9th.


2. MWC Public Smartphone Announcement (Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Ulefone)

1Smartphone Skin Manufacturer dbrand

Huawei and LG decided not to disclose flagship smartphone in MWC.  With this decision of global competitors, there are many prospects that Samsung Galaxy S9 will become the best player in MWC by gearing up the new Galaxy S lineup.


Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus official image has been leaked by Evan Blass.

The main highlight for both S9 and S9 Plus will be upgraded hardware and software, super slow motion video with 12-megapixel cameras. The expected shipping and selling retail is on the March 16th.

Moving on to other smartphones, Sony, Motorola and Ulefone are attracking the gaze of people because they announce the release of new products as well.


– [Sony] is expected to open the media event on the 26th and release the latest XZ series, ‘XZ Pro‘.

The industry is interested in whether the XZ Pro will be equipped with a 18: 9 ratio display. (Sony’s original design, 18: 9 display has abandoned due to conservative design polices). However Sony is being watched whether a full change model can be introduced this year.



Moto G6 Expected Rendering / CompareRaja Youtube Capture

– [Motorola] is expected to release an entry-level model at MWC.

Three smartphones named Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus and G6 Play are expected to strengthen their competitiveness with 18: 9 ratio display. A unique design with glass and metal draws people’s attention.



Ulefone T2 Pro

– [Ulefone], a small and medium smart phone maker in China, unveils the T2 Pro, which resembles the design of the iPhone X.

The T2 Pro with Mediatech’s latest processor [P70] is expected to perform well and it is noteworthy how small and medium-sized smartphone companies can achieve MWC advancement.


3. LG, New Color Added for G6 and Q6

5G6, Q6 / LG Electronic Blog

LG Electronics significantly increases the color variation of G6 and Q6.

For G6, Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet and Raspberry Rose in three colors are added and two colors (Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet) are added for Q6.

In the market, LG is becoming popular due to diverse approach towards customers, keeping away from technological competence.

The new colors of G6 and Q6 will be launched sequentially in the global market starting in February in South Korea.


4. Release of Vivo, X20 Plus UD 


Vivo, (Chinese smartphone maker) has launched screen fingerprint recognition smartphone.

The [X20 Plus UD], the world’s first on-screen fingerprint recognition smartphone, is being sold in China on February 1st.

The amazing [Screen Fingerprint Recognition Technology] works by the fingerprint sensor (Ultrasonic Camera) located at the bottom of the screen to take some kind of pictures and read the fingerprints. Although the main technology is known to have been developed by Synaptics in the United States, the development of smartphones in China is pretty surprising.

The price of the world’s first screen fingerprint recognition smartphone [X20 Plus UD] is 3,598 yuan (around $571 usd).


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