Ringke Short Mobile News 1.26.2018 – Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpack Invitation, etc

1. Samsung, Galaxy S9 Unpacking Invitation


Samsung has sent Galaxy S9 invitation to unpack event. The invitation has expressed the key performance of the Galaxy S9 by showing a message “Reimagined the camera”.

The Galaxy S9 will not only feature 480fbs super slow motion shooting functions, but also feature variable aperture F1.5 – F2.4 camera, which is the most noticeable feature of the Galaxy S9. The industry thinks that the [the rule of smartphone camera competition] will completely change if a variable aperture takes a more professional shot.


2. LG, Launched Low-Priced Smartphone X4 Plus in South Korea

2LG Electronics Homepage


LG has launched low-cost smartphone X4 Plus in South Korea. The X4 Plus is powered by Snapdragon 425 processor with 5.3-inch display, and is expected to compete fiercely with the Galaxy J5 2017.

The X4 Plus, which can be found in all three domestic telecom companies, has a rare feature in low-end smartphones such as Hi-Fi DAC and mil spec certification in addition to LG Pay.


3. Apple iOS 11.3 Update Progress


According to Apple, the iOS 11.3 update will start in Spring of this year. The new iOS 11.3 update will soon to provide the ability to view a health records from health app, as well as the new animated emojis. Moreover, the new update is expected to provide an exciting new way to experience augmented reality.

New Animated Icon 

Through iOS 11.3, four new animated icons will be introduced to iPhone users and give them the ability to express themselves with lions, bears, dragons or skulls. With the collaboration of the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip and TrueDepth camera, you can capture and analyze over 50 different facial muscle movements and animate them, so you can be one of 16 different characters to send animated icon messages.

Battery & Functions

New iOS 11.3 system gives an ability to check the battery status and has recommends service if the battery needs service.

Health App & Health Records

The new health record feature combines hospitals, clinics, and existing health apps to make it easier for consumers to find the medical records. Patients at participating medical institutions can gather the information from various medical institutions at a glance, such as receive periodic notifications about test results, medication, and disease status. Health record data is encrypted and protected with a password.


4. Samsung, Indian Market Share Down to 2nd Place



Samsung Electronics was pushed to second place (27%) in India market share and Xiaomi took the 1st place.

The industry is evaluating that [Xiaomi’s low-cost smartphone offensive strategy] has been done perfectly in the Indian market. As long as Samsung sticks to its premium strategy, it seems more difficult to recapture its market share in India.

The Indian market, where approximately 40 million smartphones are sold quarterly, is emerging as a battleground for global smartphone makers.


5. Credit Card Informations Leaked by Using OnePlus Homepage

About 40,000 credit card information has been leaked from the website of [OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone maker]. This security incident did not occur while using a smartphone, but it occurred using webpage. It has been reported that credit card information has been leaked due to credit card information being downloaded via malicious code (except for using PayPal).


6. Foxconn (Hon Hai Group), Shanghai Stock Exchange as part of iPhone Manufacturing Business

6foxconn homepage


Foxconn is considering a plan to build a subsidiary to handle the [iPhone assembly business] and to list it on the Shanghai stock exchange. It is known that the public list will be held in China and the United States to raise funds for ongoing investment.

If Foxconn succeeds in listing more than 90 trillion in sales [iPhone assembly business part], it will be able to raise a huge investment resources.

Foxconn’s overseas listing attempt is expected to be the largest since listing the manufacturing of Apple accessories in China in 2013.

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