Ringke Case Review

iPhone X Card Case Ringke Slot / iPhone 10 Card Case Recommendation


clear mist



Ringke Slot Card Holder Case

Looking for a card case that fits your iPhone X?

Meet the Ringke Slot that will hold your iPhone X with its slimness of 5mm!



Practical Ringke Slot

Ringke slot is an easy-to-attach adhesive card case, and can be removed without a mark yet securely adheres for a safe and high quality long lasting application. Slim Card is made of high-strength PC material and it can easily holds up two cards.

Unlike other card cases that are made of leather or cloth, the Ringke Slots provide excellent durability and slim grip.



With Ringke Slot, you can secure your primary ID/card to hold comfortably with your smartphone in one hand.  This Minimalist card slot features effortlessly chic design and works well with minimalist card slot functionality to add comfort to your daily life and convenience when you’re on the go for quick trips to the store, market, restaurant, cafe or mall.



Dual Push Design + Bounce Structure

Stay Clever and Compact

The double-push design and bass structure hold the card firmly in four directions.

Forget the needless bulk and simply attach the Slot Card Holder to your compatible phone case or the back of any flat back panel device to enjoy more of your day without fumbling in bag or wallet for your card/ID.





6 colors you want to have…

The Ringke Slot is available in six colors, which includes Clear Mist, Black, White, Sky Blue, Peach Pink, Yellow and it has a perfect sense of unity especially with Ringke Slim case.





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