Information Ringke Case Review

Ringke Monster Car Mount / Smartphone Holder Recommendation


If you are looking for a car mount holder for your precious smartphone,  an easy angle adjustment and strong absorption power are essential check points.

The Ringke Monster Car Holder is a powerful smartphone holder that stands out with its double-stick adhesion surface where it can be easily used anywhere on a flat, coated surface.

Connected joints




Ringke Monster cradle has a gel pad and a spring-loaded structure, making it more comfortable to use!


The biggest advantage of Ringke’s cradle is an easy operation. In addition to the convenience of mounting a smartphone in one hand, you can easily adjust your desired angle with ‘push tilting design’.

Reusable and washable pad is easy to clean with a quick rinse of water that retains the surface locking effectiveness of the grip pad. Soft cushioned inner side holders safely and comfortably grip your device in a stable and plush hold that keeps the screen locked in place.






Push tilting design allows you to set your custom angle!


Moreover, Ringke Monster Car Mount has adjustable 360º hassle-free movement with multiple arm and base gears help to securely fasten your car mount with easy positioning in the exact desired position that prevents from blocking your view while driving.

* Extended side holders range to comfortably fit devices from 3.5 to 6 inches wide.

Ringke Monster horizontal-vertical switching is possible at once without cumbersome operation.



car m


Ringke Monster Stand provides optimal user environment for navigation and video viewing.

Our Ringke Car Mount Holder is compatible with most smartphones, compact tablets, and more devices while additionally offering unique car mount features such as the charging slot that enables you to fit the smartphone charger through the allotted slot.





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