Ringke Flip Card Holder

20171228_Flip Band_1.jpg

20171228_Flip Band_2.jpg


  • Flip Card Holder with elastic soft universal grip handle can generously store up to 6 – 8 cards and cash (including driver’s license, credit cards, cash bills, receipts, metro or train pass, ticket stubs, ID, business or gym cards) in a secure comfortable hold.


  • Slim down your bulky wallet with pocket friendly chic wallet attachment offering lightweight multi-card storage for all your important credit cards, ID, and cash to conveniently carry all in one hand with your smartphone!


  • Soft elastic band carrying handle allows a firm and natural grip on your phone with comfort during daily activities and secure banded access to your stored cards, cash, etc. while laying flat with easy installation on any flat backed case or smartphone.


  • Durable and long lasting fabric cover with elastic band enables easier one-handed selfies, photos, single handed carry, texting, and more. Conveniently add slim and impressive ample dual-sided slot storage to enable a thin card size distribution and easily locate the card you need fast compared to other overly stuffed single-sleeve card holders.


  • Tough 3M Adhesive – Adheres securely to the device with a clear finish and removes without leaving a sticky residue with high quality application

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