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Ringke Mobile News 12.22.17 – Galaxy A8 2018 Announcement, etc

1.Samsung / LG, Releasing New Smartphones in January at CES 2018 

11CES 2018 Hompage 


With more than a month to go before CES 2018, all the global smartphone makers are moving fast. Among those smartphone makers, Samsung and LG opened the door first.

Samsung announced that semi-premium smartphone [Galaxy A8 2018 series] will be released and LG will launch a mid-priced smartphone [K10] at CES. In particular, the industry’s subtle attention is focused on LG’s K10 to whether they will be able to show off its distinctive smartphone, which has replaced its head of mobile division.


2. Huawei Expands to United States in 2018


Huawei is expected to enter the sales through a carrier in 2018 in the United States.

The president of Huawei Consumer Sector, Richard Yu revealed his intention to advance into the United States, saying that they will be a detailed announcement at CES 2018.

The industry expects that Huawei would sell a small number of products with Mate 10 released in the second half of 2017 as its main product.


3. Apple Reports Battery Performance Degradation

55Apple Homepage


Apple has acknowledged the fact that the iPhone’s CPU clock speed has been lowered (forcefully lowering the performance) if the battery of the iPhone becomes obsolete and Apple explained it as “to provide the best experience for users.” However, the public opinion of criticism is getting bigger.

Because of the angry consumer complaints, Apple is going to be standing in the court,  and the location includes Los Angeles and Illinois. It is a local prospect that if this move is spread to class action, Apple will have to pay a sizable settlement.


4. Samsung, Mass Produce the World’s First 2G 10nm DRAM


Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of ‘2nd generation 10nm class DRAM’. Through this mass production, Samsung Electronics has further strengthened its technological gap with its competitors.

Even the most powerful competitor, SK Hynix, is unlikely to secure yields for mass production of 10-nanometer DRAMs, so the market power of Samsung’s 10-nanometer DRAM is expected to strengthen further.

Samsung has been the leader in the semiconductor industry with its continuous technological development and large-scale investment. Samsung’s major parts are getting bigger and bigger, and the industry is moving against it.





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