Ringke Mobile News 12.15.17 Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Rendering Leaks

1. Samsung, Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Rendering videos


Video 1: 


Video 2:


The image of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have been leaked.

This time, the expected rendering images look much like the wandering rumors. The Infinity display is designed similar to the previous S8, and the the position of the rear fingerprint sensor is changed. The most interested hot camera seems to be the S9 rear single camera, and the S9 plus dual rear camera.

The official release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is scheduled for February 27th (the day before the opening of the MWC in Spain) next year.


2. Samsung, Galaxy A8 2018 / A8 Plus 2018 User Manual Outflow




Galaxy A8 2018 Drawing / Source: SAM mobile


The designs of Samsung’s semi premium smartphones Galaxy A8 2018 and A8 2018 Plus have leaked.  The Galaxy A8 2018 is a follow-up to the Galaxy A5 2017 launched earlier this year, and it boasts a striking and attractive design.

Unlike the previous one, you can see that the fingerprint sensor has moved to the rear side and you can see the infinite display is loaded through the leaked drawing file as well. Moreover, it looks like the Samsung Pay will be supported in the same way as the previous version, but it does not have Samsung’s intelligent Bixby Button.

The launch date for the Galaxy A8 2018 is January 2018.


3. Nintendo Switch Global Sales Exceeded 10 Million Units

3Nintendo Switch / Source: Nintendo Japan Homepage


Nintendo announces global sales of “Nintendo Switch” surpass 10 million units. Released on March 3rd this year, Nintendo’s switches have attracted the sales with innovative design and gaming methods. The high level of interest continues to be the result of sales, leading to an assessment that Nintendo’s strength has been confirmed.

As the Christmas season is approaching, it is well known that the distribution industry is actively gearing up to secure Nintendo’s switch volume.

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