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Ringke Laptop Stand / Notebook Holder / Tablet Holder


Ringke Laptop Stand

The heavy and bulky laptops are small and lightweight in nowadays, making it easy to work from anywhere. However, it is not easy to type because of low laptop angle, and there are many users who feel inconvenience.

If you are looking for a convenient way to find the right angle and use your laptop, come and find Ringke’s slim, practical laptop stand holder!

Innovative Laptop Stand

Easy to Paste

The Ringke laptop stand is designed as a gel pad type adhesive, and can be used without worrying about scratches. Moreover, Fordable and height adjustable options offer a wide customizable range of angles with universal compatibility with devices for a better viewing experience!






Ringke laptop stand not only offers 3 levels of height adjustment, but also gives you the best satisfaction for many professional typing users. Slim design allows easy portability with sleek functionality that stays practically invisible when laid flat to blend in with your laptop or tablet for lightweight travel.




The Best Solution for the Right Angle

Add multi angled standing feature to your laptop, tablet or a variety of devices with the help of high quality stand straps that easily adjust to your desired angle and make it simple to watch videos, read emails, work, play games and view messages!

Ringke Laptop Stand is available in three colors: Pink, Silver and Black.


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