Ringke Mobile News 11.28.17

1. Samsung Releases Burgundy Red Color for Galaxy S8

11Image Source: Samsung Electronic Mobile Youtube Capture

Samsung Electronics will be releasing Galaxy S8 Burgundy Red color on the 28th of November. The Galaxy S8 Burgundy red color seems to be aimed at the iPhone X and the timing is so subtle that Samsung is adding custom colors often.

The market’s initial reaction to the Burgundy Retro color is quite benign, so Samsung is getting the reputation that it has regained its honor, which has fallen in color with the Note 8 Dougal Blue, to the S8. 

Samsung is pouring new promotions against the highly popular iPhone X and is actively defending the domestic market by raising the disclosure subsidy of the Galaxy S8.


2. Huawei, OnePlus, Google ‘Backdoor Issue is Back’

22Elliot Alderson’s Twitter 


The back door issue (personal information leak) created by Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is growing bigger and bigger.

In October, when OnePlus users were collecting unauthorized personal information, leakage of personal information was regarded as a deviation of some manufacturers. Recently, when Google has reported that it has sent personal location information to its servers without confirming the user’s consent, the wave of personal information leakage is spreading out of control.

In particular, Huawei has been withdrawn from the US market because of the back door issue last time, and now Huawei is at the center of controversy once again due to recent back door issue.

Meanwhile the “National Security Threat” from the US House of Representatives is revealed on the surface of the water in 2012, “the claim that Huawei’s 5G network equipment has an eavesdropping backdoor” is constantly being mentioned.


  1. Lenovo’s – Super Fish Backdoor
  2. Mentisek GK2 Keyboard – User Key Information Alibaba Server Transfer
  3. Xiaomi – Photo text messaging, etc.


The ongoing IT device security issue is likely to continue for a while.



3. Intel, Supplying 5G Modem Chip for iPhone

Image result for Intel, Supplying 5G modem chip for iPhoneImage Source:


Apple expects to receive a 5G modem chip from Intel. According to a recent report, Apple is developing a modem chip with Intel for the iPhone that will be launched in 2018.

This is contrary to Apple’s close collaboration with Qualcomm over the last decade, and the industry sees the patent litigation with Apple-Qualcomm earlier this year signaling that it “crosses a river that can not be avoided.”

At the beginning of this year, CES 2017 introduced a 5G modem prototype, and it has been said that Intel was fortunate to have entered the market aggressively. Qualcomm’s 5G modem technology has been underestimated by Intel, and the industry is gaining attention as to whether the Intel will be able to gain market share successfully.




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