Ringke Mobile News 11.16.17 – Galaxy A Series 2018, etc

1. Huawei, Speeding up for US Market

55Huawei Mate 10 Pro / Source: Huawei Homepage


Huawei Mate 9 was introduced in 2016 and had been pushed out of the US smartphone market. After the failure of Mate 9, Huawei once again entered the US smartphone market with fresh ‘Mate 10 Pro’

In particular, it is predicted that the ‘Mate 10 pro’ will be released through one of the three largest communications companies in the US, AT&T.

Huawei has secured the third largest market share in the global smartphone market with 10.5% market share (as of Q2 2017 / Source: Counterpoint Research), and is accelerating overseas operations. It is assumed that Samsung Electronics will become the most powerful rivals if Huawei succeeds in reaching the US market following its success in the European market.

However the ‘backdoor issue’, siphon off personal information to China has not disappeared from US consumers’ perceptions yet, there is a prospect of the industry saying that ‘it will be hard to raise sales comparable to competitors’.


2. Xiaomi Achieves 400 Billion in Sales per Single Day



Xiaomi surprised the world by raising sales of 2.46 billion yuan (about 409.7 billion) during the Guangdong Gunze (only on November 11). This is the highest ever sales figure, which is 157% higher than Xiaomi’s high record of 1.56 billion yuan (about 266 billion yen / 2014) three years ago. If the Xiaomi’s ecosystem is applied in earnest in India, where explosive growth is continuing every year, Xiaomi’s enterprise value will rise to a new level.


3. The Sales Volume of the iPhone X is Still Rising


Currently, iPhone X is suffering from various quality issues.

In addition to the minor problems that cause inconveniences such as the ‘Cold Gate’ problem where the temperature suddenly changes and not working for a while, as well as ‘Display Issue’, which causes green lines on the screen, and ‘Face ID Accuracy Issue’.

Apple has been quick to respond to some of the bad iPhone X’s, as well as to exchange software updates. However, it will take 1 to 2 months to resolve all the issues.

Despite of the quality issues, iPhone X sales is continuously increasing. In some first-rate countries, the first batch of goods are sold out in a matter of minutes and it takes three to four weeks of waiting to purchase the iPhone X even now.


4. Samsung Completes FCC Certification for ‘Galaxy A5 2018’ and ‘A7 2018’

22Source: Twitter @OnLeaks / Galaxy A Series 2018


Samsung’s semi-flagship smartphone ‘Galaxy A5 2018’ and ‘Galaxy A7 2018’ have completed FCC certification. The ‘Galaxy A Series 2018’ with AxNote 7885 is expected to be released with a lot of premium features such as the infinite display applied to the Galaxy S series.

Galaxy A5 is known to be equipped with 5.5 inch full HD display and A7 with 6 inch display.

The Galaxy A Series 2018 will be available in January 2018.


5. LG to Push for Low-Priced Smartphone Growth

11Source: LG Mobile US Homepage / LG Style 3


LG Electronics boosted its market share in the US smartphone market due to aggressive marketing and low-end smartphone growth.

LG achieved 33.6% growth with a market share of 17.6% (Q3 / 2017: Counterpoint Research) and showed a significant improvement in the mid- to low-end market. In particular, sales of ‘Style 3’ were reportedly increased.

Moreover, LG is aggressively marketing its strategy to expand its sales volume in the US recently. Most notable is Amazon’s ‘Prime Exclusive Phone’ program, which is sold for up to $ 300 discount.

There is a growing interest in LG’s ability to keep its chase of Chinese brands, which are trying to reach the US market.

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