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iPhone X Pre-Order / iPhone X Protection Covers

Although Apple announced three new iPhones this year, the reactions are not that great for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Because of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus specs and outlooks are pretty much similar to previous iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, lot of people are holding out for iPhone X, mainly because of new technology of new face ID sensor security system. Even though iPhone X might face supply issues due to production issues with TrueDepth camera, pre-orders are expected to be reached more than 50 million units.

The pre orders for the iPhone X begin on October 27th. All you gotta do is wait for another month and pre-order your iPhone X. While waiting, we certainly don’t want you to miss the newest and favorite Ringke case selections compatible with Apple iPhone X for your mobile protection.


Let’s check out the Ringke’s iPhone X Collection first.

Ringke released new stylish, affordable designs since Galaxy Note 8, and it has been catching consumer’s eyes for the last past month. Ringke added more unique design and colors for the iPhone X.


Ringke “Wave”



Ringke’s new popular case is Wave, which has been released since Galaxy Note 8, the outlook of this case is pretty unique and has a strong protection at the same time. 

Ringke Wave is made of combination of soft TPU layer with hard PC shield that feature special shock absorbent for edge to edge coverage with enhanced grip. This case not only delivers protection including curved tailored bezels to keep the impressive display from impact on flat surfaces, but also features stylish flowing motion with impressive waterproof function.

Wave case offers 6 different colors, which include Coastal Blue, Metallic Chrome, Grey White, Rose Blush, Metallic Purple and Marina Gold. For iPhone X, the color “Rosh Blush” is more harmonized with the size and the look, rather than dark colors like Metallic Chrome or Coastal Blue.

Unlike other cases, each wave case has “Di-Colors”, instead of “Mono”.




Introducing Ringke “Flow”


Moving on to the next case, Ringke released the new design called “Flow“.

The pattern is pretty much similar to “Wave”, but the difference is that Flow is made of lightweight flexible soft TPU material with abstract wavy lines. This Flow case not only features a slimming texture to enhance the natural form of the device in a slim attractive profile, but also offers great responsiveness with protective grip for effective coverage against dust and scratches. If you would prefer the slim and lightweight case with great protection rather than heavy looking case, this one is for you.

Ringke Flow offers 3 colors, which include Clear, Smoke Black and Rose Gold. 




Ringke “Flex S” / “Flex S Pro”


Lastly, Ringke come up with upgraded version of “Flex S” and “Flex S Pro”.

This case also become popular since Galaxy Note 8. The previous Flex S has a flat surface on the back with PU leather, while the new Flex S features exterior curvy lined pattern with smooth brushed on the bottom. Ringke’s new Flex S is made of combination of PU leather and durable TPU profile crafted in a modern stylish design.

Most importantly, this case is specially designed to cushion and provide better protection against drops, bumps and scratches while it offers nice grip and comfort.




Now, the difference between Flex S and Flex S Pro is that Flex S Pro has the same exterior pattern, but the material excludes out the PU leather. Instead, Flex S Pro has advanced resilient with durable TPU protection crafted in modern metallic stylish design and premium glossy finish.  The Flex S Pro add a protection without compromising the natural shape of your phone to have the perfect platform of improved texture and slim style!

Flex S offers Brown, Red and Blue colors, while Flex S Pro offers Silver, Pink and Black.


Check out the newest Ringke case selections compatible with Apple iPhone X below!


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*All products are available in US, CA and EU, including UK, DE, FR, IT and ES.

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