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iPhone Unpack Event Analysis

1Apple Unpack Event / Source: Apple Event Youtube Capture Image

Dream of Apple



2Apple Watch 3 /



Apple finally made an announcement for Apple Watch 3, Apple TV and most importantly, Apple unveiled three iPhone variants since it’s the main character of this event for 10th anniversary celebration.

To start with, Apple Watch 3 not only captivated the audience by showing a function where people can call anywhere with LTE network, but also captivated the audience by showing iPhone 8 with a fascinating glass design. There was no revolutionary design change compared to the iPhone 7, but it was enough to draw attention to the world by applying various convenient functions such as wireless charging and etc.

With the A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone 8 delivers 70% faster performance and 30% faster graphics performance than the previous A10 processor.

Apple’s A Series processors used to boast superior performance compared to similar Android smartphones, and they are expected to show even more overwhelming performance on the iPhone 8.

Another feature that Apple has highlighted on the iPhone 8 is the camera performance, the enhanced image sensor not only improves the dynamic range (ability to capture bright and dark areas simultaneously in high-light situations), and improves low-light shooting quality, but also allows you to take a good picture by easily changing the light of the photographed picture.


Apple’s Dream Smartphone, iPhone X


4iPhone X /


After the introduction of the iPhone 8, the appearance of the iPhone X did not seem to be much different from the press.

The biggest feature of the iPhone X  is a new security system called Face ID. Although Apple’s pride has been little damaged by recognition attempts failure during the demonstration, it has been introduced as a system that works correctly in the dark through infrared sensors.

Emoji emoticons, which look like Pixar animations (recording time is limited to 10 seconds), are expected to receive enthusiastic love by Apple fans, and various additional functions that are associated with Apple Pay will also increase the convenience.

The AR technology that Apple introduces is also remarkable. According to Apple, people can enjoy various games and educational contents through AR technology, which lets people experience virtual reality through a camera like a pokemon go.


The unveiled iPhone 8 / iPhone X features include:

  • AP: A11 Bionic
  • 25% stereo speakers with deeper sound and output
  • Self-designed GPU chip
  • Dual camera (12 million megapixels, f / 1.8 wide angle lens, f / 2.4 telephoto lens)
  • iPhone 8 Plus only supports OIS for wide angle lens / iPhone X supports both OIS for both lenses
  • Enhanced 4K video recording (60fps)
  • Full HD video enhancement (240fps)
  • Waterproof / dustproof / improved durability
  • Capacity: 64GB / 256GB
  • Price: iPhone 8: $ 699 / iPhone X: $ 999


5 / iPhone X AR contents Vision


In fact, the popularity of the newly released iPhone is hot in US, and the popularity of iPhone X, which is analyzed with Big Data Traffic (Google Search Trend), is very different from Galaxy Note 8.

There is also a high evaluation of usability. Especially, the new interface of iPhone X has attracted the acclaim that it makes connection with users more organic. However, there is a lot of opinions regarding the usability of the notch display. There are comments that it is inconvenient to watch the video and that the app development environment will deteriorate. Moreover, there are some concerns that the functionality of the iPhone X’s AR will be inferior. Unlike the VR market (VR market includes global companies such as Google and Samsung), AR market will be less useful due to the limited content. On the other hand, it is also argued that the AR market is going to grow faster because of the nature of Apple users who have a high percentage of paid app purchases.

Apart from the beautiful design and innovative new technology of iPhone X, the price difference of $ 300 leads to the prediction that the sales of iPhone 8 will be higher instead of iPhone X.

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