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Ringke Mobile News – Price Disclosure for V30 / Note8, etc

1. Note8, V30 Price Release

1Note 8 Booking Subscription PR Banner / source: SK Telecom Homepage

2V30 Subscription PR Banner / source: SK Telecom Homepage


Galaxy Note 8 and V30 prices have been released. The Galaxy Note 8 was priced at $930 (64GB model), the V30 was unveiled at $750 (64GB without model tax). As expected by the industry, LG is not only being aggressive on pricing, but also continuing aggressive marketing with the opening of the V30 Experience Zone and people are looking forward to LG’s next move.

Prior to the V30, Samsung operated a large-scale Note8 experiential zone, and started to book sales on September 7th. It is expected that the initial box-office success will be slightly surpassed by the book sales record (400,000 units) set up by ‘former Note 7’.


2. IFA Public Smartphone Arrangement (LG V30, Sony XZ1, Motorola X4, Wiko View)


3Wiko View / source:


IFA 2017 event was held in Berlin Germany, has has finally ended. In this IFA, Sony, Motorola, Wiko’s new smartphone was released to the public.

Check out Ringke’s representative smartphone specifications from each manufacturer.

1. Sony XZ1

  • AP: Snapdragon 835
  • Display: 5.2 Full HD Display (1,080 x 1,920px)
  • Storage Capacity: 64GB + External SD Card / RAM: 4GB
  • Camera: 19 megapixel rear camera (3D face recognition)
  • Battery: 2,700mAh
  • Price: $ 699.99

2. Motorola X4

  • AP: Snapdragon 630
  • Display: 5.2 Full HD Display (1,080 x 1,920px)
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB + External SD Card / RAM: 3GB
  • Camera: Dual Back Camera (12 megapixel + 8 megapixel)
  • Battery: 3,000mAh
  • Price: At around $400

3. Wiko View (France)

  • AP: Snapdragon 425
  • Display: 5.7 HD Display (1,440 x 720px) 18:9
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB + External SD Card / RAM: 3GB
  • Camera: Rear 13 Camera (16 Megapixel Front Flash Self Camera)
  • Battery: 2,900mAh
  • Price: At around 199 euros


3. Huawei IFA News / Kirin 970 Best Product Selection and etc

In addition to being selected as the best IFA product by the company, its own production AP, Kirin 970 is also shaking up the global smartphone industry by ranking second in the smartphone market share (based on market share in June ~ July 2017).

Huawei expects to improve its brand image in a big way ahead of its flagship smartphone Mate 10, and is showing an ambition to win the second place in the smartphone market.


4. Xiaomi Exceeded 25 Million Sales in India Market


5Xiaomi Mi A1 / source: Xiaomi Official Homepage


Xiaomi reached cumulative sales of 25 million units in the three years and one month after entering the Indian market in July 2014.

Xiaomi, which ranks second in the Indian market with 15.5%, is not only taking up the market share in India, but also taking up in Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

The sale is working effectively with low price and excellent product quality and beyond imagination. Xiaomi is working with Google for the first time to launch the Android-powered MI A1, it is anticipated that brand value will further increase in line with the success of the premium smartphone Mimix 2.


5. Introducing Fitbit Smartwatch “Ionic”


6Fitbit Ionic

The power of Smart Bands (fitness assistant without liquid crystal), Ionic have entered the smartwatch market.

Fitbit is a well-known company that sold 22.5 million smart bands last year and has dominated wearable market share with excellent priced and simple performance.

The smartwatch market is dominated by Samsung and Apple already, and the industry is paying attention to Fitbit if Ionic will be able to promote the smartwatch market.

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