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iPhone 8 / IFA News / Xbox One X Book Sales Begins

1. iPhone 8 / 7s / 7s Plus will be released on September 12th

1source: / iPhone 8 expected image

It seems that the public schedule for the new iPhone has finally been confirmed.

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), Apple will release three new iPhones on September 12th.

The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater, an Apple campus that was completed earlier this year, and may include additional smartphones (iPhone 8 / 7s / 7s Plus) as well as wearable devices and home speakers.

The iPhone 8 receives the hottest attention and is expected to be loved by the A11 processor with excellent performance and the bezelless notch display design. However, due to the worst-case yields (the ratio of normal products to total production), domestic consumers are likely to have a hard time meeting the iPhone 8 for some time.

Sales of the new iPhone are expected to begin on September 22 (US release date).


2. IFA News (Samsung, Sony Introduce New Products)

2Source: Sony.UK homepage / Sony IFA Unpacked Event Invitation


Samsung Electronics and Sony will unveil new mobile devices at IFA 2017 event.

Samsung has released below smartwatches

▶ Gear Sports ▶ Gear Pit 2 Pro ▶ Gear Icon X 2018

On the other hand, Sony has released two smartphones, which are Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ Compact

Since Chinese smartphone companies, such as Huawei, Oppo and Motorola, are not included in this IFA event, interest in smartphones is relatively lower than the MWC (Mobile World Congress)


3. Android 8.0 Oreo Update is Currently in Progress


Google’s new Android version, Oreo, has been officially launched.

Android has been enhanced for a long time, and 3D Force Touch come up with a variety of features.

Pixel, Nexus and other reference smartphones will be completed in 2017, and Samsung and LG are expected to update Oreo from early next year.



4. XBOX ONE X Book Sales Begins


XBOX ONE X was released on June, and the book sales have just started.

Even though XBOX series has been collecting attention from the market due to its excellent performance over the years, the lack of game content has led consumers to look away. However, XBOX ONE X will be released this year, and it has been greatly appreciated as it strengthens new and existing game contents and raises the possibility of box-office success.

XBOX ONE X is a high-end console game that features an 8-core custom AMD CPU (clocked at 2.3GHz) and the price is at $ 499.

This new XBOX ONE X will be officially launched on November 7th and the expectations are even higher for some countries.

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