Ringke Case Review

Ringke Case Recommendation / Galaxy Note 8 Case / Screen Protector for Note 8



Galaxy Note 8, Enjoy it Lightly

Ringke “AIR” case is incredibly thin that allows you to use the Note 8 as a slim feel as it is original. Although “Air” case seems vulnerable due to lightweight, it offers full body protection from dust and surface scratches.

The Ringke Air case holds the Note 8 smoothly with the optimum thickness. The exterior part is designed with improved grip and greatly enhanced the quality of the case.



Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Air Clear


Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Air Smoke Black


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Premium Case

Some clear cases cause an oil film phenomenon, and customers are easy to get disappointed by seeing their phone cases turning into yellow.

Ringke’s microdot technology not only prevents the oil films, but also prevents the device from unsightly surface scratches while laying flat.



Wondering how S-Pen would work with Ringke Case?

Ringke Air case gives 100% usability of S-Pen. It has an accurate hole design, which allows you to use the S-pen quickly and easily.



Tight Edges

Ringke Full Coverage Film


Galaxy Note 8 has become more convenient with a wider screen!

To safely use the precious Galaxy Note 8 LCD, you must have a protector film.

If you’re tired of the low-cost film that floats on the edge, why don’t you try Ringke’s full coverage liquid crystal protection film?


Accurate Design + Soft Touch

Ringke Full Coverage Film is made of a high degree of unity that is completed with accurate design.

The Ringke Full Coverage was born through countless tests, and is carefully designed to cover the liquid crystal portion without blocking the various sensors in device.

Moreover, Ringke screen protector film is finished with oleophobic coating, which causes smoother touch feeling. This full coverage is composed of multiple structured layers to enhance the touch sensitivity experience of your device.


12Ringke Full Coverage Film Scope


Different Dimensional Stability

Ringke Full Coverage is a premium film that the parts goes over to the back side to make it more stable and last for a long time. This Invisible Defender is also fully compatible with the Ringke case and protects the device!

Fingerprints and smudges have always been problem with touch devices, but Ringke’s screen protector not only offers coating that is easier to clean compared to other screen protector, but also manufactured from premium non-yellowing urethane material.


13Ringke Flex S + Ringke Full Coverage Film


14Ringke Fusion + Ringke Full Coverage Film


15Ringke Onyx + Ringke Full Coverage Film


Check out the installation guide video for Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector!




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