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Ringke Mobile News 8/28

1. Mid-Range Smartphone Q8 Launches / LG V30 Starts Adversiting

11LG Electronic Smartphone Q8

LG Q8 will be launched in South Korea on August 25th.

LG Q8 is a semi premium smartphone that has enhanced sound performance and is only available in KT and LG U Plus. Moreover, LG Q8 is expected to face fierce competition with Samsung Galaxy A Series 2017 for having similar performance and price points.


LG Electronics is carrying out TV teaser advertising ahead of the V30 unpacking event. This teaser advertisement is impressive with the break of the pen, and it seems like it’s aiming at the S-pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The V30 has abandoned the second display of the existing V series, and has made drastic changes such as installing the edge display, and the camera of F1.6.

According to rumors, LG will aggressively price it against Note 8.


2. iPhone 8 Preview?

3Essential Phone /

The Essential phone has an iphone looking design with notch display, but it’s having a cross point evaluation.

The creator of Android, Andy Rubin came up with essential phone and attracted a lot of attention with maturity, beautiful design and notch display, however it is evaluated to be degraded due to lack of usability.

There are many opinions that the Notch display requires more custom software than the design itself.


3. Xiaomi Releases Redmi Note 5A


Xiaomi’s entry level product, Redmi Note 5A, has been released.

Xiaomi’s Note 5A is equipped with 5.5’ HD display with snapdragon 435 SoC Chip and it is a normal product with nothing in terms of performance, but the price is really amazing.

With a price of only 699 yuan for the most affordable models, the Redmi Note 5A is expected to outperform emerging markets with its excellent performance ratio.

Xiaomi is steadily expanding the market share through aggressive pricing policies and has achieved a visible performance in the second quarter of 2017, with its fourth place in the Eastern European market (7%).


4. Fujitsu Withdraws Mobile Phone Manufacturing Business

5Fujitsu logo


Fujitsu, Japan’s fifth-largest smartphone maker, is preparing to pull off its handset manufacturing business.

Fujitsu has been selling smartphones through NTT Docomo and it is not very well known in the country, but it is a sizable company.

After last year’s divestiture of the mobile phone business, it is heard that sales are going to be sold off due to falling sales and Lenovo, Huawei, and Foxconn are some of the potential buyers in the industry.

After Sharp, which is famous for display, it is becoming more likely that the Japanese brand with superior technology will be taken over by China again.

If the Fujitsu’s smartphone business goes off, there are only three companies that manufacture smartphones in Japan: SONY, Sharp, and Kyocera.

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