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Perfect Ringke Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Ringke came up with new designs & collections for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8, why not look for the Ringke cases?

In addition to providing a perfect fit for Galaxy Note 8 through careful design, the safety has been significantly enhanced to protect Galaxy Note 8 from falling.

Specifically, Ringke Wave series came up with 6 different variations. Ringke Wave shock resistant case not only features an inspired and durable two-layer TPU and PC shield construction with 2X combined strength against drops and bumps, but also features flowing motion of the impressive waterproof and protection.



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On the other hand, Ringke Bevel is also a new design, and it’s made of TPU just like Air and Air Prism. Ringke Bevel is basically same as Air Prism, it has lightweight that features slimming texture to enhance the natural form of the device in a slim chambered profile.  Bevel reminds me of Galaxy Note 7 background, which has classic, modernized look.




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If you want to keep your original design with unique transparency, you should go for Ringke Fusion, Air, Air Prism, or Bevel.

Looking for extreme protection? Go for the Ringke Fusion, Wave, Onyx or Flex S.

If you like thin, lightweight slim case, go for the Ringke Slim!


Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Fusion



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Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Onyx



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Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Air Prism



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Galaxy Note 8 Ringke Flex S



*All Ringke Cases are available in other countries, including

[Amazon] US, CA, UK, DE, IT, ES


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