Ringke Mobile News – iPhone 8 Production Disruption and etc.

1. Galaxy Note FE is Expected to be Sold Out


1Galaxy Note FE + Ringke Air Case


The Galaxy Note FE has been released with a lot of worries and anticipation, and is soon to be sold out.

Galaxy Note FE has been loved by consumers since its released in South Korea on July 7th with a limited number of 400,000 units. Consumers’ high interest leads to purchasing, and Samsung have maintained steady sales until recently.

Some small retailers reported that the Galaxy Note FE was already out of stock.


2. Leaked Image of Apple iPhone 8 Genuine Case



The Image of ‘genuine iPhone 8 silicon case’ has leaked.

This ‘Apple iPhone 8 leaked case’ seems to end the controversy regarding the outflow of location of the camera and the fingerprint sensor.

The position of the dual camera is sure to be vertical, and the fingerprint sensor, which is the center of controversy, seems to be located on the side rather than on the back.

Apple is known to offer 3D face recognition on the iPhone 8 rather than touch ID.


3. iPhone 8 Might Suffer from Production Disruption with Worst Part Yield




Although iPhone 8 is receiving a lot of expectations from the world, Apple is currently suffering from the worst parts production rate (normal product ratio to total production).

Foxconn’s Vice President Luo Jun-Sung, who is in charge of the production of the iPhone 8, directly mentions his “display yield of iPhone 8” on his Weibo. Specifically, Luo said “The OLED display yield is very low at 60%,” (Currently this post has been deleted.)

Since this issue is not the first time on iPhone, Apple is reported to have changed its supply source to Samsung Electronics in July of this year due to the high yield of 3D NAND parts.

Due to low component yields, the first batch of the iPhone 8 is expected to be between 2 – 4 million units, and with so many consumers who are waiting for the iPhone 8, the Apple is expected to suffer from a shortage of supplies for a while.


4. Apple Might Stop Selling the iPhone 7 in United States


4Expected iPhone 7S Image / source: Danny Winget Youtube (Capture)


‘Apple’ and ‘Qualcomm’ lawsuits that started in January of this year are getting out of hand.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced that they are investigating whether it infringed Qualcomm’s patent on Apple’s iPhone 7, iPad. The Qualcomm will run the survey through September, and if the ITC gets the hands of Qualcomm, the sale of “iPhone 7” could be discontinued immediately in the United States.

In the industry, the survey shows that the likelihood of the iPhone 7 being discontinued is extremely low, but they are watching the ITC for the rest of the way.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Apple, consumers’ interest on releasing iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 in the second half of this year is getting bigger.


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