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OnePlus 5 Design Review / Case Recommendation for OnePlus 5


Economical Smartphone OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is being sold at a relatively low price even with the best spec snapdragon 835 and being loved by consumers in overseas. OnePlus 5 is armed with a large 5.5-inch screen and powerful camera capabilities, OnePlus 5 attracts the attention of users who are looking for affordable yet powerful smartphones.

Especially, it is getting more attention with excellent results in camera performance test conducted with iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 5, camera performance test / source: cnet youtube


Even though OnePlus 5 is not officially released in South Korea, Oneplus 5 can meet at the price of 600,000 won.


Controversial Design that looks exactly like the iPhone 7 Plus

As you know, the OnePlus 5 has been a controversial issue since its release. In particular, the shape of the camera and the antenna line are very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, and you can see the copy of the hold button that is characteristic of the iPhone.







Home Button, 3.5 Pie Earphone Jack

All-In-One Configuration

The front design of OnePlus 5 looks like Galaxy S Series. However, unlike the home button of the Galaxy series, only the fingerprint sensor is not pressed.

OnePlus 5 is equipped with a USB-C type for enhanced convenience and is located at the bottom, including the 3.5-pie earphone jack that was jammed on the iPhone 7.

The overall finish is excellent, but OnePlus 5 is made of a material where you can see a lot of fingerprint marks. Moreover, it doesn’t feel like it’s made of high quality because of the matte-coated surface.






How to use OnePlus 5 Safely?

OnePlus 5 has a high caustic rate, but the price is never a low price.

If you want to use your OnePlus 5 safely, the protection case seems to be a necessity, not an option.

The Ringke Fusion case is available in 3 colors, clear, smoke black and rose gold crystal, and is an excellent choice to keep your phone safe. The Fusion is not only offers protection, but also offers a ‘dust cap’ that prevents dust from entering.


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